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Zithromax is approved to be an effective antibiotic, which can effectively and rapidly treat the disorders related to bacterial infections. Azithromycin as the key component helps to fight diverse bacteria types: respiratory infections, sexually transmitted disorders, ear infections and skin problems. Additionally, Zithromax can be used for other purposes not specified in the safety guide. Discuss off-label medication intake with your doctor.


Warnings, Precautions and Contraindications for Zithromax Use


A patient should obligatorily consult a healthcare provider or another qualified medical specialist before the beginning of Zithromax course. The medication is not approved for people, who are hypersensitive to its active ingredients, have liver disorders or jaundice related to the drug intake or other allergic reactions to similar treatments. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can develop a harmful health impact on the health of an unborn and nursing child, so its intake should be eliminated, or at least discussed with the doctor. To ensure a safe Zithromax course, a patient should provide the doctor with details of his/her general health state, mentioning all the complications and health disorders, especially:


 Myasthenia gravis;

 Kidney impairments;

 Liver disease;

 Heart rhythm disorder;

 Long QT syndrome and others.


Children under 6 months old should eliminate the medication use.


Drug Combinations with Other Pharmaceuticals


Certain types of prescription and non-prescription drugs may interact with Zithromax causing unexpected reactions. Thus, make sure your doctor knows about all the accompanying treatment courses you have, especially with blood thinners or Nelfinavir. Zithromax can lead to dangerous side effects if taken together with other medications, minerals, vitamins, herbal supplements and other pharmaceutical products.


Recommendations for Zithromax Administration


Take Zithromax right as adjusted by a healthcare specialist, with no changes and diversifications. Duration of the course and dose adjustment may vary greatly, depending on the type of infection and patient’s health state. Generally, the drug is used with or without food, preferably with much water. Undergo a complete therapy, determined by the doctor to get a guaranteed effect without the risk of condition re-occurrence. Frequent dose skipping may lead to condition aggravation and further antibiotic-resistant infections.


Misuse Consequences and Abnormalities


Call your doctor immediately if you have noticed any adverse reactions or misuse complications after Zithromax intake, especially:


 Serious diarrhea;

 Stomach discomfort and pain;

 Allergic reactions;

 Skin reactions;

 Nausea, vomiting, constipation;

 Lightheadedness, confusion;

 Liver impairments;

 Drowsiness, dizziness and others.


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