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Zetia is an effective treatment, which works decreasing the amount of body-absorbed cholesterol. The medication features a drastic effect and severe impact that contributes to its wide demand. Generally, Zetia is prescribed to patients, suffering from high cholesterol, though the drug can be taken off-label for other purposes, not specified in the indications list.


Recommendations and Safety Instructions for Zetia Course


Follow the instructions of a qualified healthcare specialist to witness top Zetia effects possible. A proper dose is an individual notion that is selected for each client separately. However, an average safe and effective dose is 10 mg, administered with or without food. Never change any specifications of the course, including the dose, duration of the therapy, intake instructions, etc. Report any complications to your medical provider and expect for the necessary changes. Commonly, Zetia is prescribed for once a day use, with or without food. It is preferable to use the treatment at around the same time each day. Besides, your doctor may advise to combine the treatment course with other cholesterol-lowering medications in order to achieve better results. Frequent medical, peculiarly blood tests, are required during the therapy to track its progress and safety. Do not expect for the results to occur instantly, as it can take over 2 weeks to experience first improvements. Mind that Zetia is just a part of a complete course, including a healthy diet, constant exercising and weight management.


Key Facts You Should Mind before Therapy


Do not start the therapy unless you are 100% sure you have no restrictions and contraindications for the medication use. The drug is not approved for people, who:


 Are sensitive to its components;

 Are allergic to other statins;

 Are pregnant or breastfeeding;

 Have active liver impairments.


Additionally, exceptional dose adjustment is required for people, who have accompanying kidney disorders and thyroid impairments. Do not combine the medications on your own. Instead, inform the doctor about the drugs you are currently using to avoid breakdown of skeletal muscle tissues and kidney failure associated with the condition. Certain other drugs, like blood thinners, Cyclosporine and others can impair the course, leading to unwanted reactions.


Side Effects and Possible Misuse Outcomes


Seek emergency medical assistance if you have noticed the signs of allergic reactions after Zetia use. Despite the medication seems to be commonly safe, some patients report mild to moderate complications, such as:


 Diarrhea, constipation;

 Joint or muscle pain;

 Leg or arm pain;

 Sinus pain, stuffy nose, sore throat and other signs of cold or flu, etc.


Since this is not a full list of possible complications, you need to contact your healthcare provider if you have got any disorders or abnormal reactions.


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