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Zantac is classified as a histamine-2-blocker. The active ingredient of the medication, Ranitidine, decreases the amount of acid naturally produced in the stomach. The medication is aimed at treatment and prevention of intestinal and stomach ulcers. Additionally, it is prescribed to patients, suffering from disorders related to abnormal acid production, especially Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Gastroesophageal reflux disease and similar complications can be easily treated with Zantac. Discuss your condition with the doctor in order to get proper prescription and use the drug off-label if necessary.


Zantac and Safety: Warnings, Contraindications and Possible Drug Interactions


Following safety considerations during Zantac intake is halfway to a successful and effective treatment course. You need to warn the medical specialist about all the health disorders and problems you have, as some of them may influence Zantac course in the most negative way. Do not start the therapy if you are sensitive to any of the drug components or similar pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the condition may get worse in case Zantac is taken by people with accompanying:


 Liver disorders;

 Kidney diseases;

 Porphyria and other conditions.


Despite Zantac is generally safe and is not likely to promote unwanted reactions, its misuse or overuse can lead to severe abnormalities and side effects. Besides, the drug can promote a risk of harmful impacts on the health of an unborn and nursing child, if administered by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Zantac use can also trigger pneumonia development. Contact your doctor immediately the moment you have noticed any complications during the course. Provide the medical specialist with detailed information about other therapies you are taking, as some of them may interact with Zantac, launching unwanted reactions.


How to Benefit from the Course


Administer Zantac in accordance with the doctor’s instructions and safety recommendations. Do not change the prescription, as the slightest drug misuse can promote severe outcomes. Zantac dose will be individually adjusted for every patient, based on peculiarities of his/her health condition and overall health state. It can take up to 8 weeks for the patient to witness the first condition improvements. Keep using the remedy for a full prescription term, even if your symptoms seem to stay the same. Inform your physician about Zantac intake, as it can change the results of certain medical tests.


Negative Consequences of Zantac Intake and Side Effects


Stop the medicine use and seek emergency medical assistance if you have noticed any symptoms of allergic reactions or other dangerous health impacts. The most severe reactions from Zantac intake include:


 Vision disorders;

 Abnormal heart rate;


 Abnormal bleeding and easy bruising;

 Fever, chest pain, breathing disorders;

 Nausea, decreased appetite;

 Sore throat and other cold or flu symptoms.


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