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Zanaflex is a medicine takes by people to treat their muscle spasms caused by specific health conditions, including spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and others. It helps patients by relaxing their muscles.


How to Take Zanaflex Correctly


This medication should be taken orally, each 6-8 hours. The right dosage must be based on a specific medical condition, other meds that you take and your individual tolerance. To avoid a possible risk of adverse reactions, you should start this treatment at lower doses. It’s not allowed to use more than 36 mg or more than three doses a day.


The human body absorbs Zanaflex according to its particular form, and if you take it on your empty stomach or with food, its intake may cause certain withdrawal symptoms, especially when patients take it for a long time and in high doses. The most common withdrawal reactions include tremors, muscle tenseness, anxiety, hypertension, increased heart rates, etc. To prevent them it’s advisable to decrease regular doses gradually.


Mild and Serious Side Effects


Zanaflex may cause certain side effects just like other drugs. Most of them are mild and include:


 Lightheadedness and constipation;

 Dizziness and drowsiness;

 Dry mouth and unusual weakness;

 Tiredness and others.


If any of them get worse, inform your doctor about them at once. To relieve dry mouth, you should chew sugarless gum, suck on ice chips, use saliva substitutes and drink water. To decrease a risk of lightheadedness and dizziness, get up slowly from any lying and sitting position. Severe side effects are quite rare when taking Zanaflex, but they all require immediate medical attention:


 Unusual mood and mental changes;

 Fainting and hallucinations;

 Irregular and slow heartbeats;

 Blurred vision and other vision changes.


In rare cases, Zanaflex causes serious liver diseases, so watch for such signs as persistent vomiting and nausea, abdominal and stomach pain, yellow eyes and skin and dark urine. Serious allergic reactions to its components are also rare, and they’re characterized by itching, swelling, skin rash, dizziness and difficulty breathing.


Basic Zanaflex Precautions


Before starting this treatment, tell doctors if you have any allergy, kidney and liver problems, low blood pressure and others. This medicine may make you feel drowsy or dizzy, so be careful when driving and performing other activities that require your full attention. Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages when taking Zanaflex. Older patients are more sensitive to its side effects, especially drowsiness and dizziness, thus, increasing their risk of falling.


Drug Interactions


Don’t take Zanaflex together with certain medications that treat hypertension, including alpha-antagonists, birth control pills, other muscle relaxants, antihistamines, sleeping pills, narcotic pain killers, anti-anxiety meds and some others. Report any pharmaceutical products that you’re using to doctors.


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