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Yasmin belongs to a group of contraceptive medications, which work warning egg release from the ovary. As a result, the drug prevents ovulation and makes it difficult for sperm to reach uterus and for a fertilized egg to attach to the uterus. Besides, the treatment can be taken for other purposes, not specified in the information leaflet. Discuss off-label Yasmin use with your medical specialist.


Safety Considerations before Yasmin Course


The risk of blood clot, heart attack and stroke can be advanced by Yasmin intake. That is why, it is inevitable for a patient to undergo a safe course with doctor’s guidance. Additionally, the risk of side effects may be boosted if you have other accompanying health disorders, especially obesity, diabetes, abnormal blood pressure and others. Smoking during Yasmin course can significantly advance the risk of blood clots, heart attack and stroke. The medication is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as it can advance the risk of birth defects occurrence and other devastating impacts on the health of unborn or nursing children. Besides, the contraceptive should not be administered by patient, who have:


 Any liver disorders, including jaundice, liver cancer and others;

 Abnormal vaginal bleeding;

 Circulation complications and blood clotting issues;

 Heart-related problems, especially heart valve disorder, coronary artery disease, blood clot, heart attack and stroke;

 Uncontrolled or untreated high blood pressure;

 Severe migraine headache and others.


Moreover, other illnesses and diseases can interfere with Yasmin effect, either decreasing it or completely eliminating. Warn your healthcare provider about other problems you have, including:




 Increased cholesterol level;

 Abnormal triglycerides range;

 Electrolyte imbalance;

 Epilepsy or seizures, etc.


Recommendations for Safe and Successful Intake


Certain prescription and non-prescription drugs may interact with Yasmin triggering undesirable side effects and numerous unwanted reactions. Make sure your doctor is aware of all these factors, and you will not experience severe health complications. Administer Yasmin just as determined by the doctor without any changes. At the beginning of the course you need to use back-up birth control to make sure you avoided the unwanted pregnancy.


The medication is generally administered on a daily basis, with the pills used at approximately the same time. Ask your medical specialist about any disorders or complications triggered by the drug intake.


Misuse Reactions and Side Effects


Call your healthcare provider immediately if Yasmin use has stimulated the occurrence of allergic reactions and devastating side effects. The most common problems include:


 Symptoms of stroke;



 Breast lumps;

 Liver disorders;

 Symptoms of heart attack or stroke and others.


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