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Xenical is a prescription medication that works by blocking the fat that you eat, thus, keeping it from being absorbed by the body. That’s why this drug is taken to lose weight and reduce a possible risk of regaining fat. Use Xenical together with regular exercises and a low-calorie diet plan.


Before Using It


Don’t take this medicine if you’re pregnant or have a digestive disorder and gallbladder issues. Avoid consuming high-fat meals, because they increase the possible risk of side effects. Inform doctors if you have other medical conditions, such as allergic reactions, malabsorption syndrome and organ transplants. To ensure that the intake of Xenical is safe for you, tell your physician if you have pancreatitis, kidney stones, underactive thyroid, liver problems, eating disorders, etc. Its intake can make it more difficult for the body to absorb vitamins. Xenical is not intended to be used by anyone who is less than 12 years old.


How to Take It


Use this medication according to the directions given by doctors. Usually patients take 120 mg 3 times a day with every meal that contains fat. You’re allowed to take Xenical either with regular meals or within 1 hour after eating them. If you skip meals or they don’t contain fat, you should skip your Xenical dose. Pay attention to the fat content in a daily diet, because it should be over 30% of the total caloric intake per day. Don’t forget that its intake should be combined with regular exercises and healthy diet changes.


Things to Avoid


When undergoing this treatment, you need to avoid consuming high-fat meals, because they may enhance unpleasant side effects on the intestines and stomach. If you’re using cyclosporine, don’t take it within 3 hours before or after taking Xenical. When taking levothyroxine, this period should be prolonged up to 4 hours.


Possible Side Effects


Like other drugs, Xenical may result in unwanted adverse effects, but most of them are rare and mild. You need to get emergency medical help if you experience any signs of allergic reactions, such as difficulty breathing, hives, swelling and others. Stop taking this medication and call your doctor if you have the following severe side effects:


 Painful and difficult urination;

 Severe stomach pain and blood in the urine;

 Severe pain in the lower back and kidney issues;

 Swelling in ankles and feet;

 No or little urinating;

 Shortness of breath and unusual tiredness;

 Liver issues and itching;

 Upper stomach pain and severe nausea;

 Dark urine and loss of appetite;

 Yellow eyes and skin;

 Jaundice and clay-colored stools.


Common side effects are caused by the fat-blocking effect of Xenical, and they are temporary, including fatty stools, oily discharge, rectal pain, loose stools and others.


Drug Interactions


Don’t take Xenical along with AIDs and HIV drugs, oral diabetes meds and insulin, seizure pills, blood thinners, minerals and vitamins that contain vitamin E and beta-carotene.


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