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Voveran is a clinically tested and approved nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Due to its revolutionary composition, the drug helps to overcome mild to moderate pains and signs of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The components of the drug decrease body substances, which trigger inflammation and pain. Thus, the medication serves an effective treatment of a wide range of conditions. Apart from Voveran indications, listed in the safety guide, it can be administered for a range of off-label purposes. However, such a medication intake requires specialized medical assistance and supervision.


How to Experience Significant Condition Improvements


As with any other powerful treatment, you need to start the therapy with doctor’s consultation. Never increase or decrease the dose, duration of the treatment course or other therapy specifications. To achieve the desired results, Voveran should be administered in a personally adjusted dose and in accordance with individual specifications. On average, an initial dose is 35 mg three times a day. However, your doctor can recommend you a higher dose, up to 150 mg a day.


It is preferable to use the treatment on a daily basis, with or without food. The medication overuse can launch certain negative results and unwanted reactions. To track Voveran influence on the body, your doctor may request frequent medical tests, especially for patients using the medication for a long term.


Safety Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings


Avoid Voveran intake if you are allergic to Diclofenac or similar treatments. The medication can advance the risk of life-threatening stroke or heart attack, especially if administered in high doses or for a long term. Patients with previous asthma attacks or allergic reactions caused by NSAID or Aspirin use are not approved for Voveran intake.


Tell your doctor about currently experiencing medical conditions, since some of them can influence a new therapy. Pay ultimate attention to:



 Fluid retention;

 Kidney or liver disorders;

 Stomach bleeding or ulcers;

 Blood clots, heart attack or stroke and others.


Voveran and Other Remedies


Provide your healthcare specialist with details of current treatment courses and therapies you take. Some drugs, minerals, vitamins, supplements and other pharmaceuticals can influence Voveran effect, eliminating positive effects or triggering dangerous health complications. Therefore, inform the doctor about all the remedies you take, especially:


 Other pain relievers;

 Other NSAIDs;

 Steroid drugs;


 Blood thinners;

 Blood pressure medications;

 Antifungals and others.


Voveran Reactions and Adverse Reactions


Seek immediate medical assistance the moment you have noticed allergic reactions or other devastating health impairments. Contact your doctor immediately to report other side effects, especially:


 Symptoms of stroke, heart attack or blood clots;

 Abnormal weight gain;

 Breathing disorders;

 Decreased amount of red blood cells;

 Stomach bleeding or its symptoms;

 Severe skin reactions and others.


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