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Where to buy Ventolin online?




Ventolin is a popular medicine used by patients to treat such conditions as COPD and asthma. It works by fast relieving such symptoms as wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. This medication belongs to a group of drugs called bronchodilators, and it works by opening and relaxing air passages in lungs. Sometimes, doctors prescribe Ventolin to improve and treat muscle paralysis in patients with the condition that leads to paralysis attacks.


Important Warnings


This medication helps users control the symptoms of asthma and other serious lung diseases, but it can’t cure them. Before you start this treatment, doctors should be informed if you have any serious health problems such as:


 Hypertension and hyperthyroidism;

 Irregular heartbeats and heart conditions;

 Seizures and diabetes.


Nursing and pregnant women must be careful with its intake because of possible dangers. The intake of Ventolin may make you feel dizzy, so don’t drive or perform other activities that require your full attention.


Mild and Severe Side Effects


Just like other medications, Ventolin may cause certain side effects. For example, the most common ones include:


 Unusual nervousness and headaches;

 Vomiting and nausea;

 Tremor and cough;

 Back, bone or muscle pain;

 Throat irritation.


They are mild, but you need to contact your physician if any of them get worse. This medication has its stimulating effect, and that’s why some consumers take Ventolin for increased weight loss. You should avoid making the same mistake, because it’s not approved by the FDA for this purpose. In rare cases, this medicine may lead to severe side effects that must be reported to doctors immediately:


 Itching and hives;

 Chest pain and skin rash;

 Irregular, pounding or fast heartbeats;

 Hoarseness and difficulty swallowing;

 Allergies and worsened breathing;

 Swelling of arms or legs.


Ventolin Drug Interactions


Let your physician know everything about other recreational, dietary, nutritional, non-prescription, prescription and other drugs that you’re using, because some of them may lead to unwanted and dangerous interactions. For instance, you should be careful when combining Ventolin with beta blockers, diuretics, other inhaled meds, Digoxin and some others. Drug interactions must be avoided, because they change the way this treatment works, while leading to increased side effects. Don’t combine it with specific antidepressants and all MAO inhibitors.


Recommended Ventolin Doses


This medication is available as a standard inhaler, and most doctors prescribe their patients to use it each 4-6 hours to prevent or treat the symptoms of their lung diseases. The right daily dosage must be prescribed by your physician based on individual response, body weight, age, other medical conditions, etc. Don’t increase them without consulting doctors, because you risk ending up with overdosing, which can be quite dangerous.


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