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This innovative female medication features numerous beneficial properties, which help balance vaginal disorders. The active ingredients of the drug are all-natural herbs and supplements, so they are likely to produce a fully safe impact on the body without complications. Due to antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial features, V-Gel is effective in treatment of various organisms triggering vaginitis and cervicitis. The revolutionary components of the remedy help soothe the infected areas, relieving itching, pain and advancing recovery. Consequently, the topical is prescribed to patients, who are diagnosed with:




 Vaginal trichomoniasis;

 Vaginal candidiasis;

 Nonspecific bacterial vaginitis;

 Leucorrhea and other complications.


Recommendations for V-Gel Application


It is important to apply V-Gel in accordance with the doctor’s instructions and directions listed on the safety guide. Never increase or decrease the adjusted dose, as more is not always better. An optimal dose, sufficient for your individual instance, is key to a successful and flawless therapy. Try to administer the remedy on a regular basis for a full term determined by the doctor. Apply the remedy into vagina 1-2 mg 2 times a day. Apply the medication to clean and dry skin only to avoid irritations and other possible complications. Report any disorders or complications during the drug intake.


Contraindications and Warnings for Medication Use


Keep in mind that V-Gel is female treatment that is not approved for men and children. Do not use the treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The ingredients of the drug can negatively influence the health of unborn and nursing children. Make sure your doctor is aware of all the accompanying and underlying health impairments, diseases and illnesses you have. The remedy is contraindicated for patients with individual sensitivity to any V-Gel ingredients. Women under 18 years old are restricted for the drug intake.


Despite V-Gel is a natural remedy and its ingredients are fully safe for health (if administered right), the medication can still interact with certain other drugs. Warn your healthcare provider about all the other prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals, herbal products or supplements, vitamins and minerals you use, with exclusive attention to the ones with the effect similar to V-Gel.


Side Effects and Possible Misuse Outcomes


Seek emergency medical assistance the moment V-Gel application has resulted in allergic reactions or any of its symptoms, especially:



 Breathing disorders;


 Swelling, etc.


Additionally, your physician should be aware of all the other complications that started bothering you after the drug intake, peculiarly:




 Aggravated symptoms of the condition;


 Vaginal discharge and others.


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