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Due to the innovative and ultimately powerful composition, Urispas is an effective medication, which is aimed at reduction of muscle spasms. The components of the treatment influence the urinary tract and bladder, decreasing the signs of related complications. Most commonly, the medication is used to treat the symptoms of bladder ailments, including urgent or frequent urination, painful urination, bladder pain, night-time urination, incontinence and others. The reasons of symptoms can vary, starting with overactive bladder, urethra irritations and prostate enlargement up to bladder infections. It is important to remember that Urispas will not treat bladder infection, though improve its symptoms.


Contact your medical specialist to learn about off-label instances of the medication intake.


Recommendations for Urispas Administration


It is inevitable to consult a medical specialist before the beginning of the therapy. Your healthcare provider should approve the medication, prescribe proper dose, suiting your health state, and supervise the whole process. This is the only way to achieve positive effects and avoid complications.


Never increase or decrease the prescribed dose, as it can result in severe drug misuse with corresponding consequences. Take Urispas in accordance with the prescription. Your doctor can sometimes change the dose for better effect and maximal results.


Take Urispas regularly in order to achieve the desired effects. The medication can be administered with or without food. Drink much water to avoid dehydration and keep your kidneys properly functioning. Contact your healthcare specialist in case your condition does not improve, while the symptoms aggravate.


Issues Your Doctor Should Know Before the Therapy


Despite the treatment is generally safe and is not likely to harm the overall health state, patients should discuss its course with a qualified doctor. Specific medical conditions may serve contraindications for Urispas use, including:


 Allergy to the drug ingredients;

 Bladder obstruction;

 Intestinal or stomach bleeding;

 Blockage within the digestive tract.


There is no accurate information about Urispas influence on pregnant and breastfeeding women, though, they should avoid the drug intake for the safety of their unborn or nursing child. In addition, warn your healthcare specialist about other problems and health complications you have, especially:


 Urination disorders;

 Glaucoma, etc.


The treatment is not approved for patients under 12 years old.


Adverse Reactions and Other Complications from Urispas Misuse


Seek immediate medical assistance the moment you have noticed any side effects or abnormalities related to Urispas intake. Your doctor should also be informed about mild to moderate disorders you have got, especially:



 Fluttering in the chest;

 Dizziness, drowsiness;


 Nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort and others.


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