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Tricor serves an effective medication that works managing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Since abnormal ranges of bad cholesterol advance the risk of atherosclerosis, Tricor is aimed at decrease of these determiners. Generally, the drug is prescribed for patients, who are affected by boosted cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Ask your doctor about off-label Tricor uses available.


Flawless Tricor Therapy


Striving to get maximal effects and eliminate related risks, a patient should start the treatment course with doctor’s consultation. Follow the specifications of the treatment course in order to make the therapy safe and effective. Never change the prescription, as it can lead to certain health complications. Generally, Tricor can be administered with or without food, preferably at the same time each day. To get most benefit, the medicine should be used on a regular basis. The drug is only a part of the full treatment course that also presupposes constant exercise, healthy diet, weight management and other issues. Keep using the drug for a full term prescribed by the doctor, as it can take some time for the remedy to promote desired improvements. Sudden stop of the treatment course can lead to health aggravations and misuse complications. Frequent blood tests and related medical checks are required in order to make sure Tricor use is completely safe.


Safety Issues to Mind before the Course, Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


Probably, one of the most important points you need to consider before the treatment course is safety. Thus, you need to discuss details of your medication course with a professional healthcare provider. Do not start the medicine intake if you are allergic to its ingredients or have other problems, such as:


 Severe kidney abnormalities;

 Liver disorders;

 Gallbladder impairments;

 Pregnancy or lactation.


Besides, a range of other health complications can trigger unwanted results, so you need to inform the doctor about accompanying or underlying health disorders, including:



 Kidney problems;

 Thyroid issues;

 Heart-related complications;

 Liver diseases;

 Pancreatitis or its history, etc.


Tricor with Other Drugs: Positive and Negative Consequences


Provide your medical specialist with details of other pharmaceuticals you are using to avoid interactions and their consequences. Ultimate attention should be paid to:


 Cholesterol lowering treatments;

 Blood thinners;


 Cancer medicine;

 Colchicine and others.


Misuse and Overuse Reactions


Search the emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed breathing complications, swelling, hives and similar signs of allergic reactions. Stop Tricor use immediately if other devastating or life-threatening symptoms started bothering you, peculiarly:


 Abnormal bruising or bleeding;

 Severe stomach pain;

 Breathing disorders, wheezing and severe angina;

 Swelling, warmth or pain in the legs, etc.


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