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This medication belongs to a group of retinoids structurally close to vitamin A (including natural and synthetic analogs). It is a natural metabolite of retinol (Vitamin A). This drug is locally applied to treat acne, strengthens the proliferation of cells in the skin’s papillary layer and reduces the adhesion of cells involved in vulgar acne formation. Tretinoin prevents the formation of new acne during the treatment and even when it’s finished.


Indications For Use


Tretinoin is widely used for treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia (for the induction of remission / temporary relaxation or elimination of disease manifestations) both in patients who have not received previous therapy, in relapses and refractory to standard therapy (with rubomycin or cytarabine). Moreover, it is prescribed for patients with vulgar acne, comedones, papules, pustules and used for treatment of Favra-Rakushio disease (nodular cystic skin elastosis with comedones).




The drug can be prescribed only by a doctor who has experience in treatment of hematological and oncological diseases. The recommended daily dose will be regulated by a healthcare provider in accordance with the patient’s condition. Treatment is continued for 30-90 days until complete remission is achieved. Then a standard course of chemotherapy with cytostatics (means suppressing cell division) is prescribed, which fixes the achieved remission.


Special Instructions


Women need to use effective methods of contraception at least a month before the start of the treatment, during the therapy and 1 month after it. The treatment is scheduled to be started on the 2nd-3rd day of the normal menstrual cycle. Absence of pregnancy should be confirmed by laboratory tests 2 weeks before the start of the treatment. Such tests should be carried out once a month. For people with light and dry skin, the treatment should be applied for 30 minutes, then the duration can be gradually increased. During the treatment, it is allowed to remove completely softened comedones and pustules carefully.


Side Effects


Nearly 25% of patients reported “retinoic acid syndrome” development, which should be immediately reported to the doctor and treated. Xeroderma (dryness and peeling of the skin), dry mouth, rash, swelling, nausea and vomiting are also possible, as well as increase in the concentration of triglycerides in plasma, cholesterol, activity of transaminases and increased sensitivity to sunlight.




Pregnant women should not use Tretinoin, as the drug has a teratogenic effect. If it is necessary to prescribe the medicine, breastfeeding should be discontinued.


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