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Where to buy Trandate online?




Trandate belongs to adrenergic receptor blockers, able to block beta and alpha receptors, which helps lower blood pressure. Its main ingredient is Labetalol. In fact, Labetalol was the first drug invented with a combination of alpha and beta receptors blocking properties.




Trandate is a medication that can effectively manage high blood pressure. It can be used in a combination with other drugs, for instance, diuretics. The drug can be takenin tablets for ongoing treatment of hypertension or in the form of injection in severe hypertensive situations. During short-term treatment, Trandate is able to decrease blood pressure by influencing systemic vascular resistance. If it is used for long-term treatment, it is able to reduce heart rate during exercising.


Dosages and Administration


Trandate tablets are available in 100, 200 or 300 mg. The exact dosage is determined for a particular patient by his or her healthcare provider. The initial recommended dosage of this medication is 100 mg. You should take it two times a day. If it is needed, the dosage can be increased in 2-3 days by another 100 mg. The maximum dosage is 400 mg to take two times a day. The recommended dose for elderly people is 100-200 mg to take two times a day.


Warnings and Precautions


If any of components of this medication cause an allergic reaction, you should not use it. Do not use Trandate if you have the following health problems:


 Heart failure;

 Obstructive airway disease;


 Heart block;

 Shock due heart problems;


 Too slow heartbeat;

 Extremely low blood pressure.


Before you take Trandate, you should tell your healthcare provider about the following issues:


 If you use any medications, including non-prescription drugs and herbal remedies;

 If you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant;

 If you are a breastfeeding mother;

 If you have an allergic reaction to foods, drugs or other substances;



 Heart problems;

 Breathing problem;

 Kidney problems;

 Liver problems;

 Thyroid problems.


Side Effects


It is important to ensure that you can use this medication safely. Do not start using it with high dosage, because you need to check if this drug causes any side effects. The following are the most common ones:


 Spinning sensation;


 Tired feeling;

 Upset stomach;



 Stuffy nose;

 Problems with having an orgasm.


The following are possible severe side effects:


 Rapid weight gain;

 Shortness of breath;

 Slow heartbeats;


 Upper stomach pain, and others.


Drug Interaction


It is dangerous to use Trandate with 923 other medications, because it may lead to severe drug interactions. There are 69 medications that may lead to major interactions, including the following:












 Methacholine and others.


Drug interaction may cause various unpleasant side effects. It is recommended to check with your doctor if you can combine other medicines along with Trandate.


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