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Where to buy Torsemide online?




Torsemide belongs to loop diuretics. Compared with other similar medications, it has a more prolonged effect with relatively decreased potassium loss, as it acts by helping the kidney eliminate more electrolytes and water than usual.


What Can It Treat?


This medicine can be used along with other drugs for treatment of high blood pressure. Torsemide is effective in treatment of edema that increases the risks of kidney, heart or liver problems. Thanks to this medication, you can get rid of the following symptoms:


 Shortness of breath;

 Swelling of the abdomen, arms and legs.


How to Use Torsemide?


Take Torsemide by mouth as prescribed by your healthcare provider. You should take it at least four hours before going to bed; otherwise, you will need to get up at night to urinate. Ask your healthcare provider what dosage you should take. You should not change the dose yourself as well as stop using this medication suddenly.


Usually, it takes up to 4-6 weeks to experience full effects of the medication, but in some cases the treatment can last up to 12. It is important to monitor your health condition to make sure that Torsemide does not cause any side effects and works well for you.


What Dosages Should You Use?


For treatment of edema associated with renal disease, you can take Torsemide in the dosage of 20 mg once a day. For treatment of edema associated with CHF, you should use this medication in the dosage of 10-20 mg once a day. If you need to treat edema associated with hepatic disease, this medication should be taken in the dosage of 5-10 mg once a day along with potassium-sparing diuretic and aldosterone antagonist.


How to Use This Medication Safely?


Torsemide is not suitable for you if you have an allergy to any of its component. Also, you should not use it if you have any problems urinating. You should tell your healthcare provider the following information:


 If you use any other medications;

 If you are pregnant or breastfeeding;

 If you have allergies to other medications;


If you have any health problems, you should also tell your healthcare provider about this, especially if you have:


 Hearing impairment;

 History of heart attack;

 Diabetes mellitus;

 Fluid in your abdomen;

 Low urine output;

 Blood disorder;

 High blood uric acid levels;

 Kidney disease;


 Liver disease;

 Heart failure and others.


Side Effects


Torsemide may cause different side effects, from mild to severe, such as the following:


 Increased urination;



 Stomach upset;




 Joint pain;


 Runny nose and others.


How to Avoid Drug Interactions?


Torsemide can interact with 756 medications, and 25 of them may cause major interactions if combined with Torsemide, including the following:



 Arsenic trioxide;








 Kanamycin and others.


You should always check with your healthcare provider if you can use any other medication along with Torsemide.


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