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Tetracycline is a time-tested medication which fights body bacteria effectively and during the minimal term. Due to an extremely powerful impact on bacteria growth, development and spreading, the remedy helps fight diverse types of skin infections, mainly of respiratory tract, skin, urinary tract, intestines, lymph nodes, genitals and other body organs. Additionally, the medication is taken in cases of sexually transmitted diseases, especially chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and others, as well as severe acne signs. Moreover, Tetracycline has a positive impact on patients with infections caused by direct contact with contaminated food and infected animals. Tetracycline is sometimes prescribed in other cases, when less powerful antibiotics cannot produce the desirable effect. Additionally, the drug can be administered for other purposes, not specified in the safety leaflet.


Instructions for Tetracycline Use and Recommended Doses


Follow doctor’s directions in order to benefit from the medication intake. The drug should be used in correct doses adjusted by the doctor and for a complete course. The signs of bacterial infection may disappear earlier than the condition is cleared, so it is essential to undergo a full course. Tetracycline doses will vary depending on the overall health condition of the patient, as well as peculiarities of his/her condition. Nevertheless, 500 mg used 2 times a day serve an average effective dose. The most common therapy lasts for 2-3 weeks until the infection is fully eliminated.


Tetracycline should be administered on an empty stomach. If you skip doses, you risk experiencing further infection that will be antibiotics-resistant. Thus, follow the intake schedule to witness the maximal possible effect. Never share the drug with other patients, if only your doctor does not recommend you to.


Contraindications and Related Safety Issues Related to Tetracycline Intake


Do not start Tetracycline course if you are allergic to its ingredients. The remedy can promote a range of devastating effects, in case a patient is affected by other conditions, such as:


 Kidney impairments;

 Liver dysfunction and others.


The medication is also not approved for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as it can harm the health of an unborn and nursing child. Ask your medical specialist to replace your usual birth control pills with non-hormonal alternatives.


Tetracycline Combinations with Other Medications


Certain Tetracycline combinations may lead to unwanted reactions and side effects. Tell your medical provider if you are currently using any of the following drugs:


 Blood thinners;

 Mineral supplements;

 Other antibiotics;

 Laxative drugs;


 Isotretinoin and others.


Complications and Abnormalities Associated with Tetracycline Misuse


Seek emergency medical assistance if the therapy has resulted in allergic reactions or other severe complications, especially:


 Symptoms of new or worsening infection;

 Signs of cold or flu;

 Skin reactions;

 Vaginal discharge or itching, etc.


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