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Belonging to a group of anticonvulsants, the medication helps eliminate pain and seizures. Decreasing the nerve impulses, the active ingredients of the medication help manage the condition and decrease its symptoms. As a result, Tegretol is an effective treatment of different seizure types, including tonic-clonic, partial and mixed. Besides, nerve pain, known as trigeminal and glossopharyngeal neuralgia, can be improved by the remedy. Discuss the future therapy with your doctor. Tegretol can be administered in a range of conditions, not listed in the safety guide.


Top Safety Issues during Tegretol Intake


Do not start the medication course, unless your doctor approves it. Patients with recent history of bone marrow suppression are contraindicated for Tegretol use, as well as the ones, who are allergic to its ingredients or similar medications. People, who have used MAOIs within the last 14 days, should eliminate the therapy. Serious and sometimes even life-threatening skin rash can appear as a result of Tegretol misuse.


The active ingredients of the medication can interfere with your birth control drugs, so you need to replace your usual medication with non-hormonal variants to prevent unwanted pregnancy during the therapy. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should take Tegretol in accordance with all the individual recommendations to eliminate the risk of negative impact on the health of an unborn and nursing child.


Specific dose adjustment may be necessary for patients, who are diagnosed with accompanying illnesses or health impairments, such as:


 Kidney or liver disorders;


 Abnormal blood pressure;

 Increased cholesterol or triglycerides levels;

 Thyroid dysfunctions;


 Glaucoma and others.


Tegretol Combinations with Other Pharmaceuticals


It is not safe to take Tegretol with other drugs, unless your doctor claims the opposite. Certain prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals can interact with the anticonvulsant, triggering unwanted reactions and life-threatening side effects.


Provide your healthcare specialist with details of the current therapies you have, including:


 Birth control drugs;

 Blood thinners;




 Cancer treatments;


 HIV/AIDS drugs;

 Thyroid replacement treatments;

 Seizure drugs and others.


Instructions for Medication Use


It is important to administer Tegretol in accordance with personal prescription and general safety issues. You should never change the adjustment, as it can lead to serious health disorders and abnormalities. The term of the therapy may vary, so it can take over 4 weeks to experience the first improvements.


Contact your doctor if the condition does not get any better, but its symptoms aggravate instead. Seek emergency medical assistance if the therapy has resulted in allergic reactions or other serious health impairments.


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