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Rumalaya Gel

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Among other pain relievers and arthritis treatments, Rumalaya is an exclusive natural medication, which promotes both safe and effective result. The active ingredients of the drug are all-natural, so the effect they promote is fully safe. The main components are:



 Five-Leaved Chaste Tree;

 Indian Winter Green;


 Himalayan Cedar;

 Chir Pine;




Such a mix is ultimately effective and can promote a considerably soothing effect, relieving existing pain. Additionally, the drug features anti-inflammatory properties, which also help decrease pain. Gel form of the treatment triggers better absorption that assists restoring the joint mobility fast and effectively. Due to a high range of actions Rumalaya promotes on the organism, it can be taken in a variety of instances, such as:





 Lumbar spondylosis;

 Rheumatoid arthritis and others.


Consult your healthcare specialist in order to get proper dose adjustment and make sure you are safe when using the drug. Additionally, your doctor can advise Rumalaya Gel for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide.


Recommendations for Use: Instructions and Doses


Before you start the medication intake, you need to ensure a fully safe and effective treatment course with minimal risks. A patient should inform the doctor about severity of the bothersome condition and accompanying or underlying health disorders, as some of them can interfere with Rumalaya course. Additionally, your dose will be based on these factors. Generally, Rumalaya Gel is offered in 30 mg, applied 3-4 times a day. You need to take the remedy on a regular basis for advantageous effects and constant pain relief. Do not skip doses, as it can lead to a considerable decrease in the drug effectiveness. Apply the medication to clean and dry skin only. Avoid wounded, scratched or infected areas, as you can aggravate the condition.


Safety as Main Factor of Successful Treatment Course


Once you have decided to start the use of Rumalaya Gel, you need to get proper dose adjustment and other prescription details and follow them throughout the course. Do not apply the medication in case you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the drug use as well, as the remedy can negatively influence the health of the child.


Adverse Reactions and Misuse Outcomes


Despite Rumalaya Gel is a completely natural treatment, it can trigger certain abnormalities and side effects if misused or overused. Report mild to severe complications to your medical specialist. Seek emergency medical assistance in case Rumalaya use has resulted in allergic reactions, severe skin reactions and other health dysfunctions. Following the doctor’s recommendations increases your chances of a flawless treatment course with beneficial results.


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