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Where to buy Rogaine online?




Rogaine is the medication, which is aimed at regrowth of scalp hair. The active ingredient of the medication, Minoxidil, dilates blood vessels within the scalp, balancing the functioning of hair follicle and stimulating further hair growth. Unfortunately, the remedy will not launch permanent hair regrowth, so that you need to administer the treatment for a long term. Contact your medical specialist to learn about the safety of Rogaine intake and instructions for its use.


Before You Use Rogaine


Discuss the medication intake with a qualified doctor primarily to its intake. Your healthcare provider should be aware of all the illnesses and health disorders you have, peculiarly the ones, which may influence the treatment course. Never start the medication intake if you are allergic to the components of the drug or similar remedies. Patients with irritated, red or infected scalp skin are not approved for Rogaine use. In such instances, you risk getting more medication absorbed by the skin leading to unwanted overdose with its negative consequences.


Learn the information mentioned on the safety leaflet in order to ensure positive Rogaine impact on your type of hair loss. Keep in mind that the medication is for male use only, so no women and children are allowed for its intake. Inform the doctor about all the accompanying or underlying health disorders you have, paying ultimate attention to:


 Heart disorders;

 Pregnancy and lactation;

 Kidney or liver impairments, etc.


Patients under 18 years old are not approved for Rogaine use.


Intake Recommendations and Doses


Take Rogaine in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and safety instructions. Never increase or decrease the dose, term of use or other intake details to eliminate the risks related to the therapy. The increased amount of medication you apply does not mean better effect, so you should take the remedy in the exact dose adjusted for your individual instance. The treatment is available in multiple forms, so that the recommended dose will depend on several factors. 1 ml topical Rogaine applied twice a day is an average dose sufficient for positive results. Your scalp should be clean and dry before you apply Rogaine. Wash your hands carefully before and after the medication application. The whole therapy can take over 4 months, until you experience the first improvements and notice considerable hair growth.


Rogaine Misuse and Overuse Results


Apart from positive effects, the drug can stimulate the development of certain abnormalities and disorders. Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed the slightest symptoms of allergic reactions after Rogaine use, especially swelling, hives, breathing disorders and others. Additionally, report other adverse reactions to your doctor, such as:



 Lightheadedness, confusion;

 Fatigue, weariness;

 Severe chest pain;

 Dizziness, drowsiness, headache;

 Abnormal growth of facial hair and others.


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