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Rocatrol is vitamin D3, which is essential for the right absorption of calcium from the stomach and its functioning in the human body. This medicine is prescribed by doctors to treat overactive parathyroid glands and metabolic bone disease in patients with chronic kidney failure. Sometimes, Rocatrol is taken to treat hypocalcemia in people who receive dialysis.


Important Information about Rocatrol


It’s not allowed to take this medicine if you have a high level of vitamin D or calcium in the blood. This treatment is not intended for people with allergic reactions to different forms of this vitamin. Drink enough water when using Rocatrol, because you may become dehydrated easily. Your blood should be tested on a regular basis to ensure that this drug works correctly. The intake of Rocatrol should be only a part of a complex treatment program, including special diet changes. This medicine is harmful to unborn babies, and it may pass into the breast milk, so pregnant and nursing women should be careful with its intake.


How to Use Rocatrol Correctly


Take this medication according to the directions given by doctors. Don’t take it in higher doses or for longer than needed. Doctors may decide to change regular doses to provide patients with the best results. Become familiar with a list of food products that should be avoided or consumed for better control over your health condition. Avoid overdosing Rocatrol and watch for such worrying symptoms as increased severe side effects.


Mild and Serious Adverse Reactions


Just like other drugs, Rocatrol may result in unwanted symptoms. They indicate that the body reacts to its active ingredient and cause discomfort and other problems. Sometimes, these symptoms can be dangerous and even life-threating. Stop taking the drug and get emergency medical help if you experience any signs of allergic reactions, such as swelling, difficulty breathing or hives. Call your doctor once you develop the following severe side effects:


 Headaches and unusual weakness;

 Nausea and vomiting;

 Drowsiness and constipation;

 Stomach pain and sudden loss of appetite;

 Increased thirst and dry mouth;

 Urinating changes and metallic mouth taste;

 Behavioral changes and bone pain;

 Slow, fast or uneven heart rates;

 Muscle weakness and pain;

 Severe stomach pain.


There are some mild side effects caused by Rocatrol, but you also need to report them to doctors if they persist or get worse.


Possible Drug Interactions


There are certain medications that shouldn’t be combined with Rocatrol, because they may lead to unwanted drug interactions, increased side effects, change the mechanism of action and cause other health risks. Don’t take this medicine along with seizure meds, digoxin, steroids, water pills, mineral and vitamin supplements and antacids. Make a full list of other medications that you’re taking, including both prescription and over-the-counter products, and show it to your physician to be on a safe side.


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