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Risperdal is classified as an antipsychotic medication that promotes a serious influence on the mental health. The active ingredient of the drug, Risperidone, changes the effect of brain chemicals, advancing recovery. Most commonly the treatment is recommended for patients with bipolar disorders and schizophrenia. Additionally, Risperdal can be prescribed to autistic children from 5 to 16 years old, in case they have symptoms of abnormal irritability. Moreover, the pharmaceutical can be taken in other instances, not specified in the safety guide.


Proper Intake – Key to Fast Recovery


It is inevitable to take Risperdal in accordance with safety instructions and doctor’s prescription. Never advance or decrease the dose, duration of the therapy or other specifications of the course. Otherwise, you risk getting a range of abnormal reactions and unwanted side effects. Administer the medication with or without food. It is preferable to use Risperdal on a daily basis at around the same time. To achieve the desired effects, you need to administer the medication for over a few weeks. Keep using the remedy even if you notice no improvements, since the treatment can take some time. Report any abnormalities to your medical specialist.


Warnings, Contraindications and Precautions


Do not use Risperdal in case you are sensitive to its active components or similar drugs. The medicine is not approved for patients, who have accompanying disorders related to dementia, since it can advance the risk of fatal symptoms in patients with dementia-related issues.


To guarantee a maximally safe and effective treatment course, your doctor should be warned about all the current health disorders, illnesses and abnormalities you have, with ultimate concern to the following conditions, including:


 Decreased bone mineral density;

 Kidney or liver impairments;

 Abnormal blood pressure;

 Heart attack, stroke or congestive heart failure;

 Heart rhythm disorders;


 Swallowing issues;

 Parkinson’s disease;

 Breast cancer and others.


The medication can cause a harmful impact on the health of an unborn and nursing child, so it should not be administered by pregnant or breastfeeding women without doctor’s advice. Do not give Risperdal to children.


Risperdal with Other Treatments


If combined with other medications, Risperdal can slow down your breathing and make you sleepy. Additionally, it can trigger serious and sometimes even life-threatening reactions, if taken together with other drugs. To avoid complications, you need to provide the doctor with a list of prescription and OTC drugs and pharmaceutical supplements you are using, paying due attention to:




 Blood pressure drugs;

 Clozapine, etc.


Misuse Outcomes and Possible Complications


Seek emergency medical assistance if you have noticed the signs of allergic reactions or similar complications during the medication intake. Call your doctor immediately if you have got the symptoms of:


 Uncontrolled muscle movements;

 Advanced blood sugar;

 Decreased while blood cells;

 Severe reactions of the central nervous system, etc.


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