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Retino-A Cream

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Being a form of vitamin A, Retino-A cream stimulates the process of skin renewal. Tretinoin, the active ingredient of the drug, helps overcome various skin conditions, such as acne. Additionally, the medication can be used in a range of other instances, not specified in the safety instructions. Consult your doctor before the beginning of the medication intake to get 100% safe therapy without complications.


Before You Start the Medication Intake


Talk to your healthcare provider primarily to the start of the treatment course. Your doctor should be aware of all the health problems, illnesses and dysfunctions you have, especially the ones, related to the skin disorders. Do not start the medication application once you are sensitive to Tretinoin or its other components.


Despite the drug seems effective for pregnant and breastfeeding women, they should use it under doctor’s supervision in order to eliminate possible complications. Specific dose adjustment is necessary for patients with serious accompanying and underlying health disorders.


Recommendations and Instructions for Safe Retino-A Cream Use


Administer the medication in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and other safety instructions. Never increase or decrease the dose, neither prolong the duration of the treatment course. Retino-A cream is for external use only, so it should never be taken orally. The treatment should not be applied to open wounds, irritated areas, dry and windburned skin. It is inevitable to wash hands carefully before and after the drug use.


Retino-A cream application is a single part of a complex skin care program, which also presupposes protective clothing, avoidance of sunlight and using helpful sunscreens. Undergo a full prescription term in order to achieve the desirable effects. The whole therapy can take up to several weeks. Keep applying the medication even if your symptoms do not seem to improve.


Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals and Possible Consequences


Retino-A cream can interact with numerous pharmaceutical products, activating unwanted reactions. Thus, there is a list of treatments, which can influence the development of negative consequences if combined with Retino-A. They include:



 Benzoyl Peroxide;

 Salicylic acid;

 Resorcinol containing treatments and others.


Provide the doctor with the information about all the prescription and generic drugs you are currently using, so that the doctor could adjust a maximally safe therapy.


Seek immediate medical assistance in case Retino-A application has resulted in breathing disorders, swelling, hives or similar signs of allergic reactions. Your doctor should be warned about other mild to severe complications you have got, especially:


 Mild warmth and stinging in the area of the medication application;

 Severe stinging, irritation and burning of the treated skin;

 Change of skin color;

 Swelling, redness, peeling, crusting and blistering, etc.


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