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Where to buy Retin-A online?




Retin-A (tretinoin) is a widely used medication for treatment of acne and other skin problems. It is made from vitamin A and is usually prescribed for people with acne.


Retin-A is available in the form of a cream or gel. Those who have applied the remedy confirm its effectiveness, and for many it is considered to be an excellent choice. In addition to cleaning the skin from acne, Retin-A successfully copes with wrinkles and dark spots and is often used as an agent in the fight against signs of withering and aging of the skin.


Another property of Retin-A was found by scientists during experiments in the treatment of hair loss. It was discovered that Retin-A increases the effectiveness of minoxidil (drug used for treatment of hair loss) by almost 300%. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in a combination with minoxidil.


How It Works


All tretinoin products work by accelerating cell renewal. There is rapid exfoliation of the skin and decrease in the accumulation of dead cells inside the follicle. This reduces the formation of comedones. Acne will become less rigid during the treatment. It takes some time before you see the effect of using this medication, as it can be seen in several weeks or several months. Just have little patience, and the result will not disappoint you!


There are cases reported when after starting the application of Retin-A, the state of acne became worse. This is not a cause for alarm. If you experience prolonged deterioration of the skin during the application, inform your doctor about it, but do not stop using Retin-A unless your doctor prohibits its use.


General Instructions for Use


Retin-A is used once a day, usually before sleep. The skin should be cleaned with a mild detergent in advance to application of the cream. In half an hour after cream (in the amount of a pea size) is applied to the problem areas of the skin. During the procedure the skin should be absolutely dry. Do not apply gel to the skin around eyes, mouth and nose, because these delicate areas are easily irritated. Use as little as possible of the cream on your chin.


Do not try to use it more often than prescribed by your doctor. This does not improve the skin cleansing from acne, but only causes painful skin irritation.


Possible Side Effects


Almost all Retin-A medications lead to increased dryness of the skin. Side effects can be particularly evident during the first few weeks of use. Retin-A can also cause skin inflammation, tumefaction and blebs on the skin. Some patients may notice lightening or darkening of the skin.


Another Result of Using Retin-A


Photosensitivity of the skin may increase as well as sensitivity to the sun. When using Retin-A, you will be much more susceptible to sunburns and sunlight. Do your best to avoid sun exposure. It is recommended to avoid solarium visits during the treatment course.


You should use sunscreen lotion with the sun protection factor of 15 or more on a daily basis. This medication is strictly contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women. It is strongly recommended to use contraception during the treatment.


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