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Requip is classified as a dopaminergic agent, which produces effects similar to dopamine, which is a naturally occurring body chemical. Decreased dopamine levels within the brain are generally associated with Parkinson’s disease. The active ingredient of the drug, Ropinirole, is aimed at balancing the chemical amounts, eliminating the signs of the devastating health condition.


Requip is commonly prescribed to patients, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, though can also be advised for people with restless leg syndrome. Additionally, the drug can be used off-label for other instances not listed in the safety guide. Discuss off-label Requip course with your qualified medical specialist to make sure it will be effective and safe.


How to Maximize Safety of Requip Therapy


You should never start the course, unless you have consulted the doctor and got proper prescription and other intake instructions. Requip is not approved for patients, who are allergic to any of its ingredients, as well as similar pharmaceuticals. To ensure a fully safe treatment course with the proper dose adjusted, you need to provide the doctor with a list of all the underlying or accompanying diseases, health problems and illnesses you have, especially:


 Sleep disorders, including narcolepsy and similar complications;

 Abnormal blood pressure;

 Heart rhythm disorders;

 Kidney problems;

 Liver impairments;

 Heart-related dysfunctions and others.


Untreated Parkinson’s disease can advance the risk of skin cancer development. Consult your doctor about possible risks and ways to eliminate them. Requip can promote a drastic unwanted influence on the health of an unborn and nursing child, so pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the medicine use. Requip is not approved for patients under 18 years old.


Intake Recommendations and Directions


To achieve the desirable effects from the treatment course, a patient should follow the doctor’s prescription and other intake recommendations without any changes. Never advance, decrease or increase the dose, duration of the therapy or other specifications for your own safety. The dose and the term of the course are individual and depend on several personal factors, such as general health state, severity of symptoms, accompanying health problems, medications taken, etc. Requip works effectively both with and without food. However, it is recommended to use the drug regularly, at approximately the same time.


Possible Drug Interactions and Adverse Reactions


Severe withdrawal reactions can be activated by sudden stop of Requip use. Seek emergency medical help in case the therapy has resulted in:


 Allergic reactions;

 Breathing disorders;


 Lightheadedness, confusion;

 Dizziness or drowsiness, etc.


Do not combine Requip with other pharmaceuticals without doctor’s approval, as some mixes can activate harmful adverse reactions and related complications.


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