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Where to buy Renagel online?




Renagel belongs to a group of phosphate binders, which help to prevent hypocalcemia and related symptoms, caused by increased phosphorus in the body. The medication is prescribed to patients, who need to set control over phosphorus levels, peculiarly patients with chronic kidney disorders. Additionally, the treatment can be administered off-label for a range of other complications, not mentioned in the safety guide.


Recommendations for Renagel Use


It is important to administer the medication in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and safety instructions. Never increase or decrease the adjusted dose, intake term and similar issues in order to avoid possible misuse reactions. Renagel should be administered with meals for better absorption. Frequent medical tests are required during the therapy. Keep in mind that Renagel is usually just a part of the complete therapy that also presupposes special diet and healthy lifestyle. It is inevitable to start the treatment course with the minimal dose, equal to 800 mg and increase it if necessary. Tell your doctor if you have any complications or disorders during the course.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


Patients, who need Renagel course, should first consult a medical specialist. It is important to provide the doctor with a full list of health issues and impairments you have, as some of them can interfere with the medicine action, decreasing it or triggering unwanted outcomes. People, who are allergic to Renagel composition, are not approved for its use. Additionally, you should inform your doctor about the following health disorders, if any:


 Slow digestion;

 Severe constipation;

 Swallowing disorders;

 Intestinal disorders;

 Stomach problems;

 Serious intestinal blockage and others.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should obligatorily discuss the treatment course with a healthcare provider due to the high risk of negative impact on the health of an unborn and nursing child. Do not give Renagel to children under 6 years old.


Certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals can interfere with Renagel course. Your doctor should be aware of all the accompanying therapies to eliminate possible risks.


Misuse Outcomes and Dangerous Complications


Contact your healthcare specialist the moment your condition has started aggravating and you have noticed new symptoms. Seek emergency medical assistance if you got allergic reactions, tarry, bloody or black stools, constipation, choking, severe stomach pain and other dangerous complications.  Moreover, contact your doctor to consult about mild to moderate adverse reactions, as some of them can aggravate, triggering more harmful outcomes. Make sure the doctor knows about:


 Joint pain;

 Constipation, diarrhea, nausea;

 Gas, bloating, upset stomach;

 Decreased appetite;

 Fatigue, tiredness;

 Itching and other issues.


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