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Quibron-T is an effective Xanthine derivative, which contains potential components, providing significant asthma improvement. The revolutionary composition of the drug helps relax muscles around the airways, widening them and simplifying the breathing process. Additionally, the remedy advances the diaphragm contraction, eliminating the airway response to irritants. Thus, Quibron-T is an approved medication to prevent and treat the signs of airway blockage caused by lung disorders, especially asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and others. Besides, the treatment can be used for other instances, not mentioned in the safety guide. However, consult your doctor before off-label Quibron-T use.


Warnings, Precautions, Contraindications for Quibron-T Use


The medication promotes a significant influence on the organism, so it should be taken with exceptional caution. Do not start the course if you are sensitive to any components of Quibron-T or similar medications. Besides, prevent the therapy in case you are currently taking products, which contain Xanthine in big amounts. Numerous other health disorders may influence the route of the medication effect and achieved results. To adjust a proper dose your medical specialist should be aware of all the complications and conditions you have, especially:


 Food or drug allergies;

 Pregnancy or lactation period;

 Ulcer, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary edema;

 History of recent heart disorders, liver complications, thyroid problems, viral infections, nerve or brain impairments and others.


Quibron-T Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals


Moreover, Quibron-T combination with other prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal products, vitamins and other pharmaceutical supplements may stimulate side effects occurrence. That is why you need to inform a healthcare provider about all the other drugs you use, with ultimate attention paid to:








 Macrolide antibiotics;


 St. John’s wort;



 Oral contraceptives;



 Nondepolarizing muscle relaxants, etc.


Recommendations for Successful Quibron-T Use


Follow the doctor’s instructions and recommendations for Quibron-T administration. Proper drug use is halfway to a balanced condition and significant health improvement. Never administer the drug in higher or lower doses. Skipping doses may decrease the necessary effect and prevent from maximal effectiveness of the treatment.  The medication works better if taken regularly at approximately the same time every day.


Side Effects and Possible Complications


Report any abnormalities during the therapy to your medical specialist. Seek emergency medical assistance if Quibron-T use caused allergic reactions. Among more common side effects are restlessness, urination disorders, confusion, drowsiness, dizziness, stomach disorders and others.


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