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Where to buy Provera online?




Provera (generic name Medroxyprogesterone) is a type of female hormone called progestin. It is similar to the hormone progesterone which is naturally produced by a woman’s body and is prescribed by doctors as a part of combination hormone replacement therapy together with estrogens in order to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Moreover, it is added to estrogen replacement therapy in order to reduce the risk of uterine cancer and give.


Provera has several uses, and one of them is treating abnormal uterine bleeding and restoring menstrual periods (amenorrhea) in women who are not going through menopause and are not pregnant. Consult your doctor to find out about off-label uses of this drug, which were not mentioned in the medication guide.


Use, Precautions and Interactions


Take this medication right as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Provera is administered by mouth with or without food and at the same time each day. Of you have missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember, but never take 2 pills at a time or use one dose when the time for the next one is close.


Before taking Provera inform you doctor if you have the following conditions:


 Allergy to any of its ingredients;

 Allergy to other drugs of this kind, or any other pharmaceuticals, food products or any other substances;

 History of such conditions as blood clots, breast cancer, bleeding disorder, heart attack, stroke, liver disease, tumors, etc.

 Vaginal bleeding, uterine, ovary, vagina or cervix cancer;

 Pregnancy, etc.


Consult your doctor to find out about all the conditions that may interact with the treatment course with Provera. Its use may also affect blood and bone density tests. Be sure you visit your gynecologist frequently and have breast exams during the therapy. Avoid sun and tanning booths, as the use of the medication may cause the appearance of dark patches on your facial skin.


The following drugs may interact with the use of Provera:


 John’s wort;


 Azole antifungals;

 Some anti-seizure medicines, etc.


Adverse Reactions


All drugs may be the reason of side effects occurrence and Provera is not an exception. Mild side effects include the following:



 Weight gain;





 Excess sleepiness;




 Vaginal discharge or bleeding;

 Upset stomach and nausea.


The following rare side effects have to be reported to your healthcare provider immediately, as they require emergency medical assistance:


 Severe headache;

 Severe stomach pain;

 Coughing with blood;

 Chest pressure or pain;

 Swelling and numbness in the legs or arms;

 Sudden changes in vision, or loss of eyesight;

 Trouble speaking;

 Signs of severe allergic reactions;

 Breast pain and lumps;


 Memory loss, etc.


This is not a full list of possible complications. Call your doctor if any of the above-mentioned symptoms have become bothersome or aggravated.


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