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Where to buy Propecia online?




Due to the revolutionary composition, the drug helps prevent unwanted testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone. Consequently, the drug warns numerous health complications related to these chemicals. Generally, Propecia is prescribed to patients, who have the symptoms of male-pattern hair loss within the anterior mid-scalp area or on the vertex. Additionally, the drug helps prevent hair thinning and receding hairline at the top of the head. Besides, the remedy can sometimes be used off-label for purposes, not listed in the safety guide.


Safety Instructions for Propecia Use: Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


Being a powerful treatment and producing a drastic impact on the body functioning, the drug should be administered with due concern to the safety. Propecia is for male use only, so no women and children are approved for the medicine intake. Consult your qualified healthcare provider before the medication intake, as it will help you get proper adjustments and eliminate related complications. Finasteride, the active ingredient of the remedy, can be absorbed through the skin, so women and children should interact with the treatment in no way.


Provide your doctor with a full list of other health problems, diseases and illnesses you have to maximize the positive impact of the treatment course and avoid harmful outcomes. Pay ultimate attention to:


 Abnormal liver enzyme test;

 Liver or kidney dysfunctions;

 Prostate cancer;

 Urethra stricture;

 Bladder muscle disorder;

 Urination problems;

 Allergic reactions to the drugs, etc.


The risk of prostate cancer may increase during Propecia therapy. Make sure you have passed all the necessary medical tests to minimize possible risks. Even though the treatment is not for women, pregnant and breastfeeding females are not approved for the drug use, as its ingredients can severely impact the health of an unborn and nursing child.


It is also inevitable to provide a healthcare specialist with details of your current therapies to eliminate possible interactions. Do not combine Propecia with other prescription and non-prescription medications, herbal supplements or other pharmaceuticals unless you are 100% sure such a mix will serve for the best.


How to Administer the Remedy


Follow doctor’s prescription and safety recommendations to get the necessary effect and experience minimal outcomes. Propecia should be taken on a daily basis, preferably at the same time regularly. The treatment can be used with or without food, but it is obligatory to drink much water during the course. The treatment works best, if administered during a long term. Consult your doctor about individual dose and duration of the therapy, suitable for your exact case.


Misuse Outcomes and Possible Side Effects


Seek emergency medical assistance if Propecia intake has resulted in devastating adverse reactions or other problems. Call your doctor if you have noticed the symptoms of:


 Allergic reactions;


 Decreased sex interest;


 Unusual ejaculation;

 Runny nose;

 Dizziness and others.


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