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Where to buy Prevacid online?




Prevacid is classified as a proton pump inhibitor. The active component of the drug, Lansoprazole, helps decrease the amount of stomach acid in the body. Consequently, the drug is effective in treatment and prevention of intestinal or stomach ulcers, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, erosive esophagitis and similar complications, associated with abnormal acid production within the stomach. The remedy can help with other conditions, not specified in the guide, though, doctor’s consultation and supervision are inevitable.


Instructions for Safe Prevacid Use


It is inevitable to follow doctor’s recommendations and other safety issues in case you are looking for an effective treatment course with minimal outcomes. Your healthcare specialist should warn you about all the possible risks and dangers of Prevacid misuse. Never take the remedy in higher or lower doses than determined in the prescription. Prevacid works the best if used before meals. You need to follow your daily schedule to promote the maximal effects and eliminate the risk of side effects occurrence. The treatment should be taken for a full term specified by a medical specialist, as its signs can disappear earlier than the complication is completely cleared from the organism. Prevacid doses, intake recommendations and other therapy peculiarities will vary depending on the health state of a patient and his/her individual peculiarities. Nevertheless, an average dose, which will be both safe and sufficient for a positive course, is 15mg a day. Most commonly, the treatment lasts for 14 days. However, mind the importance of doctor’s consultation for a safe course.


Safety as Key of Successful Therapy: Warnings, Contraindications and Precautions


Never take Prevacid if you are allergic to its components. Patients with accompanying liver disorders, osteoporosis, low magnesium levels in the blood, low bone mineral density and other illnesses should never start the therapy without specific dose adjustment and other recommendations. In addition, you need to inform your healthcare specialist about other underlying diseases and impairments you have, paying ultimate attention to:


 Electrolyte imbalances;

 Metabolic disorder;


 Swallowing pain or difficulties;

 Reasonless weight gain;

 Black or bloody stool and others.


Prevacid and Other Treatments: Interactions and Possible Side Effects


Inform your medical specialist about all the over-the-counter and prescription medications, herbal supplements and related pharmaceutical products you use, since Prevacid can interact with some of them, stimulating the occurrence of severe health complications and disorders, especially:






 Digoxin and others.


Search emergency medical assistance if you have misused or overused Prevacid and noticed any health complications. Allergic reactions, stomach pain, symptoms of kidney impairments and similar conditions can start bothering you.


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