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Where to buy Precose online?




Precose is a medication taken by people who have diabetes with a correct exercise and diet program if they want to control their high blood sugar levels. Its intake helps them prevent such serious medical conditions as:


 Nerve problems and blindness;

 Kidney damage and loss of limbs;

 Sexual function issues.


The right control of diabetes can lessen possible risk of strokes, heart attacks and other heart complications. Precose works in the intestines by slowing down the absorption and breaking carbs from regular meals. This effect helps users reduce their blood sugar levels after meals.


Correct Use


You need to take Precose orally 3 times a day with your regular meals. The right dosage must be based on your response to this medication and health condition. To avoid a possible risk of side effects, start its intake with lower doses that can be increased gradually.


Possible Side Effects


Precose may cause certain side effects, but most of them are mild, including:


 Gas and diarrhea;

 Abdominal pain and discomfort.


These symptoms occur because the human body adjusts to this treatment, and they usually pass within a few weeks. If they get worse, you need to inform your physician immediately. It’s necessary to go to the hospital if you experience any serious side effects, such as:


 Loss of appetite and dark urine;

 Severe vomiting and nausea;

 Yellow skin and eyes;

 Other signs of liver problems.


The intake of Precose usually doesn’t cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels, but this condition may happen if you take it with other anti-diabetic drugs, do heavy exercises and don’t consume enough calories from regular food. The main symptoms of this health problem include:


 Shaking and increased sweating;

 Blurred vision and hunger;

 Fast heartbeats and dizziness;

 Tingling of feet and hands.


The signs of hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels include:


 Increased urination and thirst;

 Drowsiness and confusion;

 Fast breathing and facial flushing;

 Fruity breathing odor.


In rare cases, the use of Precose may lead to severe intestinal condition called pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis, and it’s characterized by constipation, diarrhea that doesn’t stop, and mucus or blood in stools.


Important Precautions


Before you start this treatment, inform doctors if you have any possible allergic reaction and other serious health conditions, such as kidney and liver problems, bowel and intestine complications, like ulcers. Some patients may have dizziness, drowsiness and blurred vision because of using Precose, do it’s not advisable to drive or perform other activities that require full attention.


Limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages because of increased side effects and avoid combining Precose with specific medications because of possible drug interactions that may change the way it works. For example, they include charcoal products, beta-blockers and digestive enzyme products.


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