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Where to buy Prandin online?




Prandin is taken by people who have diabetes either alone or with other meds to control their high blood sugar levels. It’s necessary to combine its intake with regular exercises and diet changes. Patients need to control their blood sugar to prevent such serious health problems as:


 Nerve complications;

 Blindness and sexual issues;

 Loss of limbs and kidney damage.


Effective diabetes control also lessens a possible risk of serious heart problems, such as strokes and heart attacks. Prandin works by stimulating the human body to produce more insulin, which is natural substance that lets the body use sugar from meals properly.


How to Take Prandin


Take this medicine orally, 15 minutes before regular meals, 2-4 times a day based on their number and directions of your doctor. It’s not allowed to take Prandin earlier than 30 minutes before food. Doctors allow its intake right before meals when needed, and the right dose is always based on medical conditions and individual tolerance. Monitor your blood sugar level regularly and keep track of all the results to determine the best dosage.


Unwanted Side Effects


There are some side effects caused by the intake of Prandin, including:



 Joint pain;

 Sudden weight gain.


The good news is that most of them are mild, but if they persist, you should notify your physician at once. Most people who take this medicine don’t have any serious adverse reactions. The use of Prandin may result in hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels, especially when it’s combined with other drugs for diabetes. If you don’t get enough calories from meals, drink a lot of alcohol and do heavy exercises, this risk is increased. This condition is characterized by the following signs:


 Cold sweats and chills;

 Drowsiness and dizziness;

 Fast heartbeats and shaking;

 Headaches and unusual weakness;

 Fainting and hunger;

 Tingling of feet and hands.


The signs of high sugar blood levels or hyperglycemia include the following:


 Increased urination and thirst;

 Drowsiness and confusion;

 Fruity breath odor and fast breathing.


You need to report all of these symptoms to your doctor immediately. Serious allergic reactions to Pradin are very rare.


Basic Precautions


Before you start taking Prandin, tell doctors if you have any allergic reaction and other medical concerns, such as liver and kidney problems. You may end up with dizziness, drowsiness and blurred vision, so don’t drive a car or do other things that require your alertness until you can perform them safely.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


They should be avoided, because they change the way Prandin works while increasing a possible risk of side effects. This medication potentially interacts with NPH insulin, azole antifungals, macrolide antibiotics, rifamycins, trimethoprim, beta-blockers and some others. That’s why you need to make a full list of other pharmaceutical products that you’re using and discuss each one with doctors.


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