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Ponstel is a medication used as an effective short-term treatment of moderate and mild pain from different conditions. Sometimes, doctors prescribe is to relieve pain and blood loss caused by menstrual periods. This medicine belongs to a group of drugs called NSAIDs.


How to Take It Correctly


You should take Ponstel orally 4 times a day with enough water. Don’t lie down for about 10 minutes after its intake. If you experience upset stomach, take regular doses with milk or food. The right dosage is based on your individual response and medical condition. To decrease a possible risk of stomach bleeding and other side effects, take Ponstel at lower doses and for a short period of time. This medicine is not intended to be used for longer than 7 days. When taking it on as-needed basis, watch for the first signs of pain. If you use Ponstel for painful periods, take the first dose as soon as they start or when you experience pain.


Serious and Mild Side Effects


There are certain side effects caused by this medication, but most of them are mild and include:


 Heartburn and upset stomach;

 Drowsiness and dizziness;

 Headaches and diarrhea.


However, if any of them get worse, inform your doctor about it immediately. Severe side effects are very rare when using Ponstel, but they all require immediate medical attention:


 Fainting and stomach pain;

 Sudden mood and mental changes;

 Painful or difficult swallowing;

 Severe and persistent headaches;

 Ringing in ears and other hearing changes;

 Pounding and fast heartbeats;

 Unusual weight gain and vision changes;

 Unusual tiredness and stiff neck;

 Swelling of hands and feet;

 Easy bruising and bleeding;

 Yellow eyes and skin;

 Signs of new infections and allergies.


Ponstel Precautions


This medicine may raise blood pressure, so it should be checked regularly. Before taking it, tell doctors everything about possible allergic reactions and such health conditions as asthma, kidney and liver problems, active bleeding or sores in your intestines and stomach, clotting or bleeding issues, diabetes, hypertension, blood disorders, heart diseases, obesity, nasal polyps, intestine, stomach and esophagus complications, stroke and recent CABG. The intake of Ponstel may cause drowsiness and dizziness, so you shouldn’t drive and perform other activities that require full alertness.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


They must be avoided, as they change the way Ponstel works while increasing a possible risk of side effects. Don’t take it along with any antacids, because they change its blood amount. Besides, don’t combine this medicine with ACE inhibitors, aliskeren, corticosteroids, lithium, water pills, fluconazole, angiotensin II receptor blockers, blood thinners and other NSAIDs. Inform your doctors about any other pharmaceutical products that you’re taking, even vitamins, minerals and natural supplements. Ponstel may interfere with certain lab tests and cause their false results.


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