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Where to buy Pletal online?




Pletal is a popular medicine taken by patients to improve their symptoms of specific blood flow issues in legs. It works by reducing muscle cramps and pain that happen during walking or exercising. This health problem is often caused, because muscles get too little oxygen, and the intake of Pletal increases the blood flow and oxygen amount in muscles. This medication is both a vasodilator and an antiplatelet drug, and it works by stopping platelets from sticking together and forming harmful clots. It also widens all blood vessels in legs and makes the blood easier while keeping its flow smooth.


How to Use Pletal


This medicine should be taken orally without food, 2 times a day (at about 30 minutes or 2 hours after your breakfast and dinner). Your regular dose must be bases on individual response, health condition and other meds that you’re using. You need to take Pletal at the same time each day to get its most benefit. Symptoms may improve in a few weeks, but it takes up to 12 weeks to get its full benefit.


Mild and Severe Side Effects


Just like other drugs, Pletal causes certain adverse reactions, but most of them are mild, including:


 Diarrhea and headaches;

 Dizziness and runny nose.


If any of them get worse, you need to call your doctor. When you notice any of the following serious side effects, you need to stop taking this drug and get emergency medical help:


 Easy bleeding and bruising;

 Swelling feet and hands;

 Bloody and black stools;

 Signs of new infections and vomiting like coffee grounds;

 Fainting and vision changes;

 Confusion and slurred speech;

 Unusual weakness and severe dizziness;

 Chest or jaw pain;

 Irregular, pounding, or fast heartbeats;

 Allergic reactions.


Important Pletal Precautions


Before you start this treatment let your physician know about any possible allergies and other serious health conditions, including active and serious bleeding, heart diseases, blood disorders, kidney problems and stroke. Pletal can make you feel dizzy, so you shouldn’t drive or do other things that require complete attention. Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages to be on a safe side. In rare cases, this medication causes stomach bleeding. To decrease a possible chance of getting bruised, cut and injured, be careful with contact sports and sharp objects. Older patients are more prone to experiencing the adverse reactions of Pletal, especially fluid retention. Breastfeeding and pregnant women can use this medicine only when it’s clearly needed.


Drug Interactions


They change the way medications work and increase a risk of severe side effects, so they should be avoided at any cost. Don’t take Pletal together with blood thinners, some antiplatelet meds, fever reducers, pain relievers and some other drugs, because they may increase your risk of unwanted antiplatelet and bleeding effects. Tell your doctor about any other medications and other similar products that you’re using to prevent drug interactions.


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