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Where to buy Plendil online?




Plendil belongs to calcium channel blockers with felodipine as an active ingredient. The medication works by widening blood vessels, which helps the heart to pump more easily. Eventually, it results in reduction of heart workload. Plendil is an effective medicine for treatment of hypertension.


How It Should Be Used


Plendil is taken by mouth on an empty stomach. If you experience upset stomach, you can take this medication along with light meals. The exact dosage that you need to take is determined by your healthcare provider based on various factors, such as health conditions and response to treatment. You should not chew or crush extended-release tablets, because it may lead to the occurrence of side effects. It is useless to take this medication against chest pain.


Warnings and Precautions


When using Plendil, you should avoid consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice. You should not stop using it suddenly without consulting your healthcare provider, because it can worsen your health condition. Your doctor will give you a piece of advice on how to stop taking this medication gradually.


Plendil is not suitable for you if its components cause an allergic reaction. It is important to take into account all the health problems that you may have before a doctor prescribes you with this medication. In particular, you should inform about the following health conditions:


 Heart disease;

 Liver disease;



Try to avoid driving and using machinery, because this medication may make you feel dizzy. It is also recommended to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Elderly patients are more sensitive to the side effects that may occur due to the use of Plendil.


What You Should Do If You Have Side Effects


All medications may cause certain side effects. In order to make sure that you can use Plendil safely, you should start taking this drug with the smallest dosage and watch your health condition. Side effects can be mild to severe. If you experience mild or moderate adverse reactions, you should consult your healthcare provider about it. If you notice severe side effects, you should stop using this drug right away and contact your doctor.


The following are the most common side effects that you may have after taking Plendil:






 Stomach upset.


The following are the severe side effects that this medication may cause:


 Tingly and heavy feeling;


 Shortness of breath;

 Swelling of your feet or hands;

 Pounding heartbeat;

 Chest pain;

 Pain spreading to other parts of the body.


Can It Be Used with Other Medications?


Plendil can interact with 559 other medications. The following drugs may cause major drug interactions in a combination with Plendil:












It is important to check with your healthcare provider if you can use any other drug along with Plendil.


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