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Pilex is the medicine taken by patients for such conditions as arthritis, piles and hemorrhoids, atherosclerosis, lowering high blood cholesterol levels and some other conditions. It contains such active ingredients as Terminalia Chebula, Azadirachta Indica, Cassia Fistula and some others.


How Pilex Works


This medication works by serving the following purposes:


 Reducing production of hepatic steroids;

 Activating opioid receptors and cell-mediated immunity;

 Scavenging free radicals;

 Initiating lipid peroxidation;

 Decreasing blood sugar levels;

 Increasing production of humoral antibodies;

 Suppressing absorption of gallic acid;

 Inhibiting cytokines;

 Reducing the grow rates of tumor cells;

 Showing analgesic and immunomodulatory activities.


Common Pilex Uses


This medication is taken by people to control, treat, improve and prevent the following health conditions:


 Piles and hemorrhoids;

 Genitourinary disorders and atherosclerosis;

 Arthritis and high cholesterol blood levels;

 Digestive disorders and jaundice;

 Eczema and enlarged spleen;

 Pruritus and epilepsy;

 Inflammation and skin diseases;

 Diabetes and intermittent fever;

 Nervous weakness and chronic diarrhea;

 Wound healing and oxidative stress;

 Sore throat and chronic coughing;

 Scabies and others.


Possible Mild and Severe Side Effects


Like other meds, Pilex may cause certain side effects, including:


 Diarrhea and skin rash;

 Gastrointestinal distress and irregular menstruations;

 Bloody vomiting and stomach irritation;

 Loss of skin color and consciousness;

 Low blood pressure and unusual fatigue.


These symptoms are mild and possible, but they occur in rare cases. If any of them persist or get worse, contact your doctor at once. Once you notice any severe side effects, including allergic reactions, you need to get emergency medical help.


Important Precautions for Users and Pilex Contraindications


Before you start using Pilex, it’s necessary to inform doctors about other health conditions that you have, as some of them can make you more susceptible to side effects and other unwanted complications. For example, you should be very careful with its intake if you have:


 Diabetes and pregnancy;

 Plans to get pregnant and breastfeed;

 Upcoming surgeries and organ transplants.


Unwanted Drug Interactions


Pilex may potentially interact with the following medications:


 Aspirin and Insulin;

 Lithium and Glipizide;

 Cyclosporine and Glimepiride;

 Pioglitazone and Tacrolimus;

 Prednisone and Warfarin;

 Azathioprine and Mycophenolate;

 Rosiglitazone and Daclizumab;

 Sirolimus and some others.


Drug interactions are dangerous, because they change the way Pilex works and increase your risk of having serious side effects. That’s why you need to inform doctors about any other herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and drugs (both prescription and over-the-counter) that you’re taking.


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