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Phenergan is H1-histamine receptor blocker. Usually it is prescribed for patients who suffer from allergy symptoms. These pills have a high antihistaminic activity as well as antiemetic, antipsychotic, hypothermic and sedative action. They warn and soothe hiccups, prevent, but do not eliminate effects mediated by histamine (including hives and itching). Anticholinergic action causes a drying effect on the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and mouth. An antiemetic, dizziness-eliminating effect may be associated with a central anticholinergic action. Phenergan reduces the stimulation of the vestibular receptors. Sedative action is produced due to inhibition of histamine-N-methyltransferase and blockade of central histaminergic receptors. Probably, Phenergan also blocks other receptors of the central nervous system such as serotonin and acetylcholine. The clinical effect begins 15-60 minutes after use and lasts from 6 to 12 hours.




Phenergan is used to cure various allergies:



 Rheumatism connected with allergy;



 Serum sickness;

 Bronchial asthma;


 Anaphylactic shock;

 Insect bites.


In anesthesiology it is used in:



 Postoperative period;

 Artificial hibernation.


In neurology:




 To reduce extrapyramidal disorders with the use of antipsychotic medications (neuroleptics);


 Encephalitis and other diseases accompanied by an increased vascular permeability;

 Poisonous hyperthermia;


 Air sickness;



In pediatrics: changes in skin and mucous membranes of infants on the background of exudative diathesis, eczema, asthmatic bronchitis, false croup, allergic dermatitis, serum sickness.




 Hypersensitivity to some ingredients;

 Lactation period;

 Early childhood;

 Usage of MAO inhibitors.


Phenergan should be prescribed with caution in the following cases:


 Prostatic hypertrophy with clinical manifestations;

 Predisposition to urinary retention;



 Hepatic insufficiency;

 Reye’s syndrom;



Side Effects


 Sedative effect;




 Psychomotor agitation.


Rarely use of Phenergan can lead to disorientation, confusion, extrapyramidal disorders, increased convulsive activity (when used by children).


Form of Issue


Dragee, solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection, coated pills.


Special Instructions


During prolonged treatment, it is necessary to systematically perform a general blood test and evaluate liver function. In the process of further treatment, the degree of restriction is determined depending on individual tolerability. Phenergan is used together with narcotic analgesics, anxiolytics – for complex preoperative preparation of patients – only under a strict medical control. During the treatment ethanol is not allowed.


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