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Nuvigil is a popular medicine taken by people to promote wakefulness. It’s used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by such conditions as narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work disorder.


Important information about Nuvigil


Don’t take this drug if you have any allergic reactions to it. Stop its intake right after noticing any skin rash regardless of its severity and such allergic signs as mouth sores, swelling, difficulty breathing and yellow eyes. Before starting this treatment, make sure that doctors know about other medical conditions that you have, especially mental ailments, alcohol or drug addiction, kidney or liver problems, heart diseases, hypertension or heart attacks. It’s not clearly known if Nuvigil can harm unborn babies or pass into breast milk, so pregnant and nursing women should be very careful with its intake. This medicine isn’t intended to be used by patients who are less than 17 years old. The intake of Nuvigil may impair your normal reactions or thinking, so you should be careful when driving or doing other things that require your full alertness. Don’t drink alcohol when taking this medication.


How to Use Nuvigil


Follow all directions given by doctors and don’t take this drug for longer or in higher doses than needed. Nuvigil can be habit-forming, so don’t give it to other people. Take your dose in the morning to prevent daytime sleepiness or 1 hour before starting the next work shift. Use Nuvigil with and without food, but this treatment shouldn’t last longer than 12 weeks. Make sure that you don’t overdose this medicine. Once you experience such symptoms as confusion, diarrhea, nausea, slow or fast heartrates, feeling excited or restless, hallucinations, difficulty sleeping, and chest pain, you should see your doctor.


Nuvigil Side Effects


If you have any signs of allergic reactions, like swelling, hives, difficulty breathing and hoarse voice, get emergency medical help. Go to the hospital if you have such worsening or new symptoms as:


 Swollen glands and flu symptoms;

 Facial swelling and fever;

 Blistering or red skin;

 Feeling tired or weak;

 Loss of appetite and weight loss;

 Severe numbness or tingling;

 Upper stomach pain and jaundice;

 Chest pain and swelling of legs.


Stop taking Nuvigil and contact your physician if you have the following severe side effects:


 Muscle weakness and easy bruising;

 Skin blistering and sores;

 Unusual bleeding and difficulty swallowing;

 Aggression and depression;

 Suicidal thoughts and anxiety;

 Unusual behaviors and thoughts;

 Uneven heart beats and severe skin reactions.


Possible Drug Interactions


Don’t take Nuvigil along with some other medications because of dangerous drug interactions. They can change the way this medicine works and result in side effects. Consult doctors before you start taking muscle relaxants, narcotic meds, sleeping pills and meds for depression, seizures and anxiety.


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