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Where to buy Nicotinell online?




Nicotinell is available as gums and patches that help people treat their nicotine withdrawal and curb cravings to smoke.


Important Information


There are certain things that you need to tell doctors before taking Nicotinell. They should know if you have any allergic reactions to nicotine. Inform your physician if you have any other health problems, including high blood pressure, chest pain, abnormal heartbeats and others. Other healthcare providers need to know if you use Nicotinell, including doctors, dentists, etc. Don’t take this medicine for longer than advised by your physician and get counseling to help you stop smoking. Avoid driving and doing other things that require your full alertness. If you have diabetes, you need to control your blood sugar levels. Consult healthcare providers if you’re on a low-salt diet. The intake of Nicotinell may cause harm for pets and children, so store it correctly. Older patients need to use this medication with care, because they’re more prone to side effects. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should be careful with its intake, because it may cause harm.


Recommended Doses


Use Nicotinell according to the directions given by doctors and follow all the instructions closely. This medication comes in 2 doses, so if you smoke the first cigarette during the day within 30 minutes after waking up, use 4 mg as your dosage. If you smoke the first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up, take only 2 mg. If you prefer to use gums, chew them slowly until you feel a peppery or tingling taste in the mouth. It’s not allowed to drink or eat within 15 minutes before using Nicotinell. Don’t take any extra doses, because you risk ending up with overdosing.


Possible Side Effects


In very rare cases, some patients may end up with severe side effects. If you experience any of them, get emergency medical help. When it comes to allergic reactions, you need to go to the hospital if you have swelling, hives, difficulty breathing and itching. What are possible adverse reactions caused by Nicotinell?


 Sudden mood changes and confusion;

 Feeling very excited and nervous;

 Fast heartbeats and burning;

 Chest pain and pressure;

 Bad headaches and dizziness;

 Tingling and numbness;

 Loose stools and sore throat;

 Drooling and shaking;

 Throwing up and upset stomach;

 Cold sweats and jaw pain;

 Very bad mouth irritation or pain;

 Feeling weak or tired;

 Bad dreams and sleeping issues;

 Mouth tingling and gum changes;

 Sudden hearing changes.


If any of them get worse, you need to call your doctor immediately.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


There are certain medications that can possibly interact with Nicotinell and cause dangerous drug interactions. They affect its proper absorption and increase a risk of experiencing severe side effects. Inform doctors about any other pharmaceutical products that you’re using, including over-the-counter and prescription medications, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.


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