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Where to buy Motrin online?




Motrin is a popular medicine taken by patients to treat such unwanted symptoms as inflammation, swelling and pain. Nowadays, you can find it as capsules and standard pills, and this medication belongs to NSAIDs. It works by inhibiting chemicals that result in inflammation.


Basic Motrin Warnings


There are several black-box warnings that all patients must read before taking the first dose.


 The intake of Motrin may increase their risk of serious heart problems, such as strokes and heart attacks;

 Its use may damage the stomach lining, especially if patients have heartburn and stomach ulcers.


Those who have any allergic reaction or need to undergo any heart surgery aren’t allowed to start this treatment.


Other Important Precautions


Be careful with Motrin, and report your medical history to doctors, especially if you have heart problems, asthma, severe allergic reactions, low red blood cell count, bleeding disorders and increased skull pressure, or if you smoke or drink alcohol regularly. Older patients are sensitive to the side effects caused by this medication, especially stomach issues, loss of balance, confusion, extreme sleepiness and dizziness. That’s why they should start this treatment with lower doses. Pregnant and nursing women are allowed to take Motrin only if their doctors approve it.


Side Effects


Sometimes, this medicine may cause certain side effects, but they are rare, and most of them are not serious. For example, the most common ones include:


 Dizziness and stomach pain;

 Heartburn and drowsiness;

 Skin rash and constipation;

 Vomiting and nausea;

 Ringing in the ears.


However, if any of these signs persist, go to the hospital at once. Severe adverse reactions are very rare, and they may include:


 Blood in your urine and low platelet count;

 Inflammation or liver failure;

 Urinary tract infections and allergies;

 Kidney damage and anemia;

 Serious skin reactions and hypertension.


If you develop any of the above-mentioned health problems, inform doctors immediately.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


Motrin is known to interact with a number of medications, so patients should be quite careful with its intake. It’s necessary to inform doctors about all the other non-prescription, prescription, herbal, dietary, recreational and other products that you’re using, to be on a safe side. It’s not advisable to start this treatment when taking other blood thinners or aspirin. That’s because Motrin can interfere with their blood thinning effects. You should avoid combining it with such drugs as Eliquis, Stirbild and some others because of possible drug interactions.


Finally, Motrin may potentially interact with such medications as blood thinners, Heparin, beta blockers, water pills, antidepressants, other NSAIDs, ACE inhibitors and some other groups of meds. Avoid any herbal supplements that may increase your blood pressure and thin the blood, too.


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