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Motilium is a popular anti-sickness medicine that contains domperidone as its active ingredient. That’s why it’s often taken by people to relieve vomiting and nausea caused by different reasons, such as general anesthetics, anti-cancer chemotherapy, etc.


How Motilium Works


This medication belongs to a class of drugs called dopamine antagonists, and it works in two basic ways. First, it blocks dopamine receptors in the digestive system, thus, speeding up the passage of food into intestines, preventing vomiting and relieving the feeling of bloating, sickness and fullness. Motilium also blocks dopamine receptors in the brain, thus, decreasing the sensation of nausea and vomiting.


How to Use This Drug


It’s advisable to take Motilium three times a day, but patients shouldn’t use this treatment for longer than 1 week. Their regular dosage depends on their symptoms. You should take it before your meals and drink enough water. This drug should be taken with caution by:



 Patients who are older than 60;

 People with reduced kidney functions.


This treatment is not intended for people with:


 Serious heart diseases and abnormal heart rhythms;

 Major disturbances in their electrolytes levels;

 Pituitary gland cancer and decreased liver functioning;

 Galactose intolerance or malabsorption;

 Allergic reactions;

 Conditions in which stimulating movements in a stomach can be harmful.


If you experience fainting or fast heartbeats when using Motilium, you should notify your physician at once.


Possible Side Effects


There are certain mild and severe, rare and common adverse reactions that patients may experience while undergoing this treatment. The most common ones include dry mouth, while uncommon symptoms are:


 Headaches and sleepiness;

 Unusual weakness and anxiety;

 Skin rash and diarrhea;

 Itching and loss of sex drive;

 Breast tenderness and pain.


In some cases the intake of Motilium may result in:


 Hives and agitation;

 Swelling and nervousness;

 Convulsions and difficulty passing urine;

 Uncontrolled and abnormal movements;

 Abnormal heart rhythms and liver function;

 Irregular heartbeats and increased prolactin blood levels.


If you experience any of these symptoms, or they get worse, you need to call your doctor immediately.


Motilium Drug Interactions


You need to tell your physician about other pharmaceutical products that you’re taking, including herbal supplements, prescription drugs and others. Make this step before you start taking Motilium to avoid possible drug interactions, because they affect its effectiveness and lead to increased side effects.


This medicine shouldn’t be taken with paracetamol and others meds for the gut, cabergoline, azole antifungals, macrolide antibiotics, protease inhibitors, specific antidepressants, anti-arrhythmic pills, antihistamines, antipsychotic, antimalarial meds, beta agonists, diuretics, corticosteroids and strong opioid painkillers.


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