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Where to buy Minocycline online?




Minocycline belongs to tetracycline antibiotics that are able to fight bacteria in the body. For the first time, it was synthesized from natural tetracycline antibiotics in 1966 and started to be sold in 1971. Further research has revealed additional benefits of this medication. Minocycline is available under different brand names, including Cyclimycin, Akamin, Minoderm, Minocin and others.


What Is It Used for?


As a tetracycline antibiotic, Minocycline is prescribed for fighting bacteria in the body. It is effective in treating different bacterial infections, including respiratory infections, gonorrhea, rheumatoid arthritis, skin infections, urinary tract infections, severe acne, chlamydia, tick fever and others.


In 2014, this drug was found to be effective in reduction of symptoms of schizophrenia. In some cases, it may be combined with other medications in order to reach better results in treatment of certain conditions, for instance, severe acne.


Minocycline is not intended for the treatment of viral infections.


What Precautions Should Be Taken into Consideration?


Minocycline should not be used by a pregnant woman or during the period of breastfeeding. It may reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. This medication is not suitable for children under 8 years old.


Minocycline should not be used by those people who experience an allergic reaction to it or other antibiotics, for instance, doxycycline, demeclocycline or tetracycline.


Before you take this drug, you should notify your healthcare provider if you have at least one of the following conditions:


 Liver or kidney problems;

 Sulfite allergy;



What Side Effects May Occur?


The use of Minocycline may lead to the occurrence of side effects. The following are the most common ones:



 Upset stomach;






 Spinning sensation;


 Discoloration of nails or skin;

 Itching or skin rash;

 Muscle or joint pain;

 Increased skin sensitivity to sunlight;

 Discoloration of gums;

 Mouth sores;

 Swollen tongue;


 Vaginal discharge or itching.


In case of occurrence of the above-mentioned or other side effects, you should contact your healthcare provider.


Can It Interact with Other Medications?


There are 340 medications known to be able to interact with Minocycline. You should avoid using multivitamins, iron supplements, antacids, calcium supplements or laxatives if you intend to take Minocycline in the following 2 hours, because they may decrease the effectiveness of this antibiotic.


You should not take Minocycline along with the following drugs:



 Advair Diskus;














 Vitamin B12;

 Vitamin D3;





Before you take another medication along with Minocycline, you should consult your healthcare provider.


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