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Micardis features an innovative formula, which contains a combination of Hydrochlorothiazide and Telmisartan. Both ingredients are aimed at balancing blood pressure imbalances, though in different ways. First of all, Hydrochlorothiazide is classified as a thiazide water pill, which helps the organism to prevent the absorption of excess salt that in its turn leads to fluid retention. Telmisartan belongs to a group of angiotensin II receptor antagonists that keep the blood vessels from abnormal narrowing. Consequently, the ingredient improves blood circulation and decreases blood pressure. The revolutionary combination is widely used to treat symptoms of hypertension and related complications. The drug produces a rather drastic impact on the body, so it should be taken only in case other treatments are not potent enough. Besides, Micardis can be used for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. However, discuss off-label intake with your doctor in order to avoid possible outcomes and misuse reactions.


Recommendations for Proper Micardis Intake


Use Micardis strictly as prescribed by your healthcare provider and mentioned in the information leaflet. Never increase or decrease the dose, duration of the therapy of other specifications, as it can activate a range of unwanted reactions. Tell your doctor about any complications, since he/she can occasionally diversify the dose for better results. You need to get your blood often checked during Micardis treatment. Follow the recommendations and keep the treatment for a complete term, as the symptoms may disappear earlier than the overall condition.


Contraindications, Warnings and Other Safety Questions Related to Micardis Use


Starting the medication intake without previous doctor’s consultation increases your chances of experiencing devastating complications and misuse outcomes. Do not start the treatment course if you are allergic to its components or sulfa drugs. Besides, patients with diabetes should avoid Aliskiren containing medications. Severe kidney dysfunctions may occur if a patient neglects intake instructions. Additionally, certain medical disorders and illnesses may interfere with Micardis course, especially:




 Liver diseases;


 Congestive heart failure;


 Abnormal potassium or magnesium levels;

 Lupus and others.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not approved for Micardis use, as it can activate harmful influences on the health of an unborn and nursing child.


Micardis Overdose, Misuse and Possible Complications


Similar to other powerful drugs, Micardis use can result in mild adverse reactions and severe health problems. Seek emergency medical help if you have noticed the symptoms of allergic reactions and other dangerous outcomes, especially:




 Urination disorders;

 Vision issues;

 Swelling, reasonless weight gain;

 Symptoms of decreased potassium and sodium levels in the body, etc.


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