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Metoclopramide works increasing muscle contractions in people’s upper digestive tract, thus, speeding up the rate at which their stomach empties intestines. That’s why this medicine is often taken as a short-term treatment for heartburn if it’s caused by gastroesophageal reflux. This drug is also prescribed to treat slow gastric emptying in patients with diabetes.


Important Information about Its Use


It’s not allowed to take Metoclopramide in higher doses than prescribed by doctors and for longer than needed. Otherwise, you risk ending up with severe movement disorder characterized by such symptoms as uncontrollable muscle movements. This risk is increased in diabetics, women and older patients. Don’t start this treatment if you have any allergies, blockage or bleeding in the intestines or stomach, seizure disorders and some other serious conditions. Report liver and kidney problems, hypertension, breast cancer, mental diseases, congestive heart failure, depression and diabetes to doctors. Don’t drink alcohol when taking Metoclopramide, because it increases possible side effects. This drug isn’t intended to be used by children and pregnant women.


The use of Metoclopramide may impair your normal reactions and thinking, so be careful when driving or doing other things that require your full alertness. This medication is taken for 4-12 weeks. You should take regular doses 30 minutes before your meals and at bedtime. Watch out for signs of overdosing and get emergency medical help if you experience:


 Uncontrolled muscle movements or tremors;

 Severe drowsiness and convulsions;

 Confusion and tremors.


Metoclopramide Side Effects


Go to the hospital once you experience such signs of allergic reactions as swelling, difficulty breathing, hives and others. Severe side effects are rare when taking Metoclopramide, but you need to get emergency medical help if you have:


 Problems with walking and balance;

 Jerky or slow movements;

 High fever and confusion;

 Rigid muscles and increased sweating;

 Tremors and uneven or fast heartbeats;

 Depression and suicidal thoughts;

 Agitation and anxiety;

 Hallucinations and jittery feeling;

 Shortness of breath and sudden weight gain;

 Yellow eyes and skin.


These symptoms are very rare, but there are mild side effects that this medication may cause:


 Dizziness and unusual tiredness;

 Drowsiness and feeling restless;

 Sleeping issues and headaches;

 Vomiting and nausea;

 Changes in menstrual periods and urine changes;

 Breast swelling and tenderness.


Dangerous Drug Interactions


There are other medications that may affect Metoclopramide and cause drug interactions that should be avoided because of severe side effects and other health risks. Don’t take this medicine with meds that make you sleepy, including sleeping pills, sedatives, muscle relaxants, allergy drugs and narcotic pain killers. Urinary and bladder, blood pressure meds should be avoided too.


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