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Where to buy Meridia online?




Meridia is a medication that works by affecting specific chemicals in the brain that affect proper weight maintenance. It’s taken by patients together with regular workouts and healthy diet changes to treat obesity related to high cholesterol blood levels, diabetes and hypertension.


Important Information


Before you start this treatment, inform doctors if you have any possible allergies and other health problems, such as eating disorders, uncontrolled or severe hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart problems, glaucoma, kidney and liver problems, seizures, epilepsy, underactive thyroid, blood clotting and bleeding disorders, history of gallstones and depression. Pregnant and nursing women should be very cautious with the intake of Meridia because of possible health issues. People who are younger than 16 and older than 65 should be careful with this treatment.


How to Use Meridia


Take this medicine according to the prescription given by doctors. Usually, patients take it once a day. Your regular doses can be changed to get the best results. It’s possible to take Meridia both with and without food. You should lose about 4 pounds in the first month and eat low-calorie meals. Your pulse and blood pressure must be checked on a regular basis. Don’t take this drug for longer than 2 years and don’t overdose it. Overdosing is characterized by such signs as dizziness, headaches and fast heart rates.


Basic Precautions


The intake of Meridia may impair your reactions and thinking, so be careful when driving or doing other things that require your full alertness. Avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages while undergoing this treatment.


Mild and Severe Side Effects


Go to the hospital if you have any signs of allergies, including swelling, difficulty breathing and hives. Stop taking Meridia and call your doctor once you experience the following serious side effects:


 Uneven, pounding and fast heartbeats,

 Hallucinations and agitation;

 Shortness of breath and tremors;

 Fever and loss of coordination;

 Overactive reflexes and dilated pupils;

 Increased sweating and rigid muscles;

 Easy bleeding and bruising;

 Severe headaches and blurred vision;

 Anxiety and buzzing in ears;

 General ill feeling and chest pain;

 Sudden weakness and numbness;

 Problems with balance, speech and vision.


Mild side effects caused by Meridia include:


 Upset stomach and dry mouth;

 Joint and back pain;

 Appetite changes and constipation;

 Dizziness and nervousness;

 Flu symptoms and mild skin rash;

 Insomnia and feeling depressed.


Possible Drug Interactions


There are some meds that should be avoided when taking Meridia because of possible drug interactions that can be dangerous. Don’t take it along lithium, MAO inhibitors, sleeping pills, sedatives, allergy and cold drugs, narcotic pain killers, muscle relaxers, antidepressants, antibiotics, ergot meds, migraine medications and some others.


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