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According to the results of several researches and clinical studies, Meldonium is approved to have the properties of the central nervous system stimulant, vasolidator and nootropic. Therefore, it serves an ultimately powerful remedy with potential influence on psychological and physical health of a patient. Meldonium is claimed to balance oxygen supply to the body, advancing the body functions and restoring some of its lost features. Besides, the drug features an ability to protect the organism from harmful influences of toxic metabolic processes. Due to the powerful stimulant effect, it enhances physical performance, triggering the boost of body functions. Being a multi-sided and effective treatment, Meldonium can also be taken for other conditions, not mentioned in the safety guide. Consult your doctor before you use the drug off-label to eliminate any risks.


How to Experience Maximal Benefits


The first step in the effective treatment course is doctor’s consultation. Get a correct dose, duration of the course and other intake specifications to take maximal advantage from the therapy. At the beginning, you need to inform a healthcare provider about all the illnesses and health disorders you have, as well as pharmaceuticals you take. These issues will help the doctor adjust the dose, which would suit your overall health state. Take Meldonium as determined by the doctor. Never increase or decrease the therapy specifications. To benefit from the course, the treatment should be used regularly, at approximately the same time daily. Sudden stop of Meldonium use can activate certain health impairments and withdrawal symptoms.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions for Meldonium Intake


Do not start Meldonium course if you are allergic to its components or similar medications. People, who are diagnosed with serious health impairments, are not approved for the medicine use. Tell your medical specialist about all the underlying and health disorders, which can influence the treatment course. Pay exceptional attention to:


 Cardiovascular problems;

 Peripheral artery disease;


 Psychical stress, mental conditions;

 Myocardial infarction and others.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the drug intake due to advanced risks the medication bears for a child. Additionally, your doctor should be aware of prescription and OTC drugs you are using, as some of them can influence the route of medicine use.


Misuse Outcomes and Related Consequences


Search immediate medical help if Meldonium use has resulted in allergic reactions with any of their symptoms, especially breathing disorders, hives, swelling, itching, irritation and others. Besides, report mild to severe health dysfunctions to your doctor. A decreased dose or change in the prescription may be required.


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