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Belonging to a group of approved and widely appreciated diuretics, Lozol helps manage disorders related to fluid retention and hypertension. Besides, it works preventing excess salt absorption by the organism. As a result, a patient can feel significant improvement of the signs of water retention and related abnormalities caused by congestive heart failure. The medication is frequently administered off-label for purposes, not mentioned in the information leaflet.


Experiencing Maximal Lozol Effects


Consult your healthcare provider primarily to the treatment course. Make sure you have no restrictions and disorders related to the medication intake. Follow the doctor’s instructions and recommendations, as they serve the key to a safe and successful treatment course. The drug is commonly prescribed for daily use, so it is important to administer it around the same time every day. Skipping doses can significantly decrease the effect. Never increase or decrease the adjusted dose, as it can also stimulate certain complications. The drug can be used both with and without food. Drink much water during the course to keep the kidney properly functioning. Lozol can advance the urine amount, so do not take the remedy before going to bed. Once you have missed a dose, you should take it the first possible moment. However, skip it if the following scheduled one should be taken soon.


Avoiding Complications: Warnings, Contraindications and Precautions


Patients, who are allergic to the components of the medication, are not approved for its intake. Besides, it is contraindicated for the ones, who use Ketanserin or have problems with urination. Promoting a drastic impact on the body, the drug can stimulate certain reactions and unwanted effects in the organism. Make sure your doctor knows about all the disorders and health issues you have, especially:


 Pregnancy and lactation;

 Food or drug allergy;

 Kidney impairments;

 Heart-related issues;

 Liver disorders;



 Nausea, vomiting and persistent dizziness, etc.


Lozol Interactions with Other Drugs


In addition, there is a range of prescription and non-prescription drugs, which may interfere with Lozol course, stimulating harmful reactions. Tell your medical specialist about all the drugs you are using, especially:




 Angiotensin converting enzyme;

 Andrenocorticotropin hormone;


 Amantadine and others.


Side Effects and Related Complications


Seek emergency medical help in case Lozol use has triggered the occurrence of allergic reactions or other bothersome symptoms, especially:


 Signs of low sodium in the blood;

 Stomach pain and discomfort;


 Vision disorders;

 Symptoms of kidney or liver dysfunctions and others.


Report milder issues to your doctor as soon as they appear to avoid further complications.


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