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Where to buy Lopid online?



Being a powerful remedy, Lopid works decreasing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Thus, the medication helps prevent possible heart disorders, atherosclerosis and other conditions associated with high cholesterol. The medication should be taken together with a balanced diet to get maximal results, especially if a patient is affected by pancreatitis. Lopid is also an effective preventative measure against heart attack, stroke and related disorders. In addition, the treatments can be administered for other instances, not listed in the safety guide.


Instructions for Use


Contact your medical specialist to learn details of the treatment course and make sure it can be fully safe. Your healthcare specialist should be aware of all the details of your health condition in order to prescribe correct dose and other intake specifications. Follow the prescription without any changes. Generally, Lopid should be administered two times a day, approximately 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. Nevertheless, even proper intake cannot promote top-notch effects if not accompanied by a healthy diet, exercise and special weight control. Check blood, kidney and liver functions frequently during the course, as the medicine can interfere with these organs. Severe withdrawal reactions can appear if you stop Lopid intake suddenly. It can take some time to experience considerable condition improvements. Report any complications to your doctor, but never change the prescription on your own.


Safety Restrictions and Contraindications


The first and most important issue during Lopid course is safety. Inform a qualified medical specialist about all the accompanying and underlying health disorders, medications you use and other issues that can influence the therapy. Patients, who are sensitive to Gemfibrozil, are contraindicated for its use. Besides, the drug is not approved for people with:


 Kidney impairments;

 Severe liver disorders;

 Gallbladder diseases.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should be ultimately cautious using Lopid, as its composition can impair vital processes in the body of an unborn and nursing child. Provide the medical specialist with details of the ongoing diseases you have, especially gallstones, in order to eliminate related risks.


Lopid with Other Drugs


Certain medications and other pharmaceutical products can contribute to the medication course. Never combine Lopid with other treatments, unless your doctor advises you to. Pay ultimate attention to blood thinners, statins, Colchicine and other treatments.


Misuse Reactions and Possible Side Effects


Seek immediate medical assistance or contact your doctor if Lopid use has resulted in any of the following complications, including:


 Allergic reactions;

 Abnormal bleeding;

 Easy bruising;


 Urination complications, etc.


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