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The mix of Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel make Levlen an ultimately potential and effective drug. A combination of female hormones helps to prevent ovulation and make the process of egg attachment to the uterus more complicated. As a result, the drug is classified as a contraceptive to warn pregnancy. Besides, the treatment can be administered in other instances, not listed in the safety guide. Consult your doctor before off-label Levlen use.


Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings and Related Safety Considerations for Levlen Use


Before you start Levlen intake you need to consult your healthcare provider and make sure the drug intake will not trigger devastating reactions and complications. Levlen can increase the risk of certain health complications if misused or overused. Diabetes, abnormal cholesterol level, obesity, increased blood pressure, smoking and other factors may stimulate the occurrence of heart attack symptoms, blood clots, stroke and other disorders. Besides, pregnant and breastfeeding women are also contraindicated for Levlen intake, as the medication use can activate severe birth defects and abnormal reactions on the health conditions. In addition, Levlen is not approved for patients, who are diagnosed with:


 Severe migraine headaches;

 Uncontrolled or untreated high blood pressure;

 Uncontrolled heart valve disorder, coronary artery disease, blood clots, heart attack, stroke and other heart-related disorders;

 Blood circulation disorders;

 Liver cancer or similar liver complications;

 Hormone-related cancer;

 Unusual vaginal bleeding and others.


Certain other conditions may require special dose adjustment or medical assistance. Thus, tell your medical specialist about the following illnesses or disorders you have, if any:





 Increased blood pressure;


 Varicose veins;

 Abnormal triglycerides level;

 Irregular menstrual cycle;

 Tuberculosis and others.


Promoting Safe and Effective Birth Control


Striving to achieve the maximal effect from Levlen use, a patient should administer the treatment in accordance with safety instructions and prescription of the doctor. Do not change the adjustment, as it can lead to unwanted reactions. Levlen intake should be started on the first day of your period. Back-up birth control should maintain the effect during the first days. Levlen works the best if administered on a daily basis. Skipping doses may lead to unwanted pregnancy. Regular doctor’s consultations are inevitable during Levlen course.


Side Effects and Misuse Reactions


Seek emergency medical help if Levlen intake has resulted in allergic reactions or other dangerous health disorders. Call your doctor to get recommendations for further actions if you have noticed other adverse reactions, especially:


 Depression signs;

 Aggravation of migraine headaches;

 Sudden weakness or numbness;

 Chest pain;

Abnormal appetite or weight, etc.


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