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Where to buy Lanoxin online?




Lanoxin is the medication, which contains Digoxin as an active component and is able to balance heart functioning and related abnormalities. Being derived from naturally grown digitalis leaves, the medication promotes stronger heart beats and more regular rhythm. Generally, Lanoxin is prescribed as treatment of heart failure and atrial fibrillation. However, the treatment can also be taken in a multitude of other instances. Off-label drug use should be strictly regulated and supervised by the doctor.


Instructions for Lanoxin Treatment Course


It is necessary to consult the doctor about further Lanoxin course and get all the directions and recommendations for use. The treatment should be administered just in accordance with the features, determined by the healthcare provider. Any changes in the dose, durations of the therapy, periodicity of intake and similar issues can lead to unwanted reactions and harmful symptoms. Lanoxin should be taken regularly, preferably on a daily basis. The drug works best if administered with food. Frequent medical tests may be required during the course, as well as kidney function test. Keep using the medication even if your symptoms have already improved. Mind that heart disorders can have no symptoms. Sudden stop of the medication use can trigger severe withdrawal symptoms.


Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings and Other Factors of Safe Therapy


Do not start the medication intake if you are not confident in its safety. The drug is not approved for people sensitive to Lanoxin components, as well as the ones, diagnosed with ventricular fibrillation. The treatment is not likely to harm the health of a nursing or unborn child, though pregnant and breastfeeding women should discuss the medication intake with the doctor. To promote a fully safe course, a patient should inform the doctor about all the underlying or accompanying disorders he/she has, especially:


 AV block, sick sinus syndrome or similar heart complications;

 Kidney or liver dysfunctions;

 Thyroid problems;

 Heart attack or its history;

 Electrolyte imbalance;

 Wolff-Parkinson-While Syndrome and others.


Tell your healthcare provider about all the pharmaceuticals and herbal products you are currently using, as some of them may interact with Lanoxin triggering devastating reactions and side effects.


Possible Lanoxin Complications and Disorders


Call your doctor the moment you have noticed any abnormalities after Lanoxin intake. Most commonly, the first symptoms include headache, depression, anxiety, weakness, skin rash, nausea, diarrhea, enlarged male breast and others. These disorders may develop and lead to more severe problems. Seek emergency medical help if you have any of the following problems:


 Allergic reactions;

 Vision impairments;

 Uneven heart rate;

 Vomiting, nausea, severe stomach disorders;

 Hallucinations and others.


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