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Belonging to a group of antifungal treatments, Lamisil helps to fight diverse infections provoked by fungus. The active ingredient of the drug, Terbinafine, affects the disorder balancing the health complications it causes. The remedy is prescribed to patients, who are suffering from fingernail or toenail infection. Besides, oral Lamisil granules can be taken as a part of the treatment aimed at reduction of fungus infection of scalp hair follicles, especially in children under 4 years old. Consult your medical specialist primarily to off-label Lamisil use.


Getting the Best Results from Lamisil Course


Striving to witness desirable Lamisil reactions, a patient should consult the doctor about its intake first. Then, it is vital to follow the prescription and related instructions, determined by the doctor or safety leaflet. Never change the dose or duration of the treatment course, as it can lead to serious health disorders or side effects. Lamisil doses and intake instructions will vary based on the condition and its severity. However, commonly, the medication can be administered with or without food. To treat fingernail infection and scalp infection, the drug should be used for over 6 weeks, while it will require 12 weeks to eliminate the signs of toenail infection. Keep in mind that the symptoms of the disorder can disappear earlier, but you need to continue the course. Skipping doses can result in a great risk of further infection occurrence, which will be resistant to antifungal drugs. Frequent blood tests may be required by your physician in order to check the progress and effectiveness of the medication. Complete recovery may take up to a few months.


Safe and Effective Therapy: Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


Do not start the medication intake if you are sensitive to Lamisil ingredients or similar antifungal drugs. Warn your healthcare provider about other diseases, illnesses and health impairments you have, since some of them can interact with the medication. Pay exceptional attention to such issues as:


 Depression, anxiety or agitation;

 Liver or kidney disorders;

 Autoimmune problem, especially psoriasis, lupus;

 Weakened immune system and others.


Lamisil components can harm the health of a nursing and unborn child, so it should not be used by breastfeeding or pregnant women.


Lamisil Reactions and Side Effects


Seek immediate medical help if Lamisil use has triggered swelling, hives, itching or other signs of allergic reactions. Some patients using Lamisil have experienced severe liver damage or related complications. Inform your healthcare provider about all the issues you have, starting with minor and up to severe. Among the most common Lamisil abnormalities are:


 Headache, fever, cough;

 Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach disorders;

 Serious skin reactions;

 Sudden weight loss;

 Symptoms of cold or flu;

 Chest pain and others.


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