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Classified as an anti-epileptic remedy, Lamictal promotes a serious influence on the body processes, decreasing the frequency of seizure attacks. The active ingredient of the medicine, Lamotrigine, is responsible for decrease of epileptic seizures. Generally, the treatment is prescribed to both adults and children in order to eliminate the signs of epileptic seizures and delay mood episodes in patients with bipolar disorder.


Lamictal is available in two forms of immediate and extended-release. The first is allowed for adults and children over 2 years old as a part of seizure therapy. However, separately, this medication can be administered only by adults and teenagers over 16 years old. The extended-release form of Lamictal is available for children over 13 years old. Apart from the main indications, the drug can be used for treatment of other conditions, not mentioned in the safety guide. Contact your doctor to learn about other instances of off-label drug intake.


Administering the Drug with Maximal Effect


Take the medication exactly as directed by your healthcare provider. Do not change the adjustment without doctor’s approval. Make sure you take the correct dose, individually adjusted by the medical specialist, based on the peculiarities of your health condition. The risk of life-threatening reactions can be advanced by high doses of Lamictal at the beginning of the therapy. You may need to perform blood tests often to ensure maximal safety and effectiveness of the therapy.


Never crush, break or chew the table, swallow it whole instead. The sudden stop of the medication use can lead to devastating withdrawal reactions and unwanted side effects. Taking Lamictal regularly, you advance the chances of a beneficial influence on your health.


Safety as Primary Concern: Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


Do not start the treatment course if you are allergic to Lamictal components or similar medication. A very high dose of the remedy can trigger life-threatening rash and other skin reactions. To get proper prescription and get advantageous effects from the therapy, your doctor should be aware of all the health abnormalities and disorders you have, including:


 Liver or kidney disease;

 Allergic reactions;

 Depression, anxiety;

 Suicidal actions or thoughts, etc.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women are contraindicated for the drug use.


Lamictal Interactions with Other Medications and Possible Consequences


Other prescription and non-prescription remedies can interact with Lamictal stimulating the appearance of dangerous reactions. Tell your doctor if you are currently using any of the following treatments:







 Valproic acid;


 Phenytoin, etc.


Seek emergency medical assistance if you have noticed any skin reactions or symptoms of allergic reactions after Lamictal intake. Report other minor to severe disorders to your doctor, with ultimate concern to the signs of body inflammation, low blood cell counts, rash, changes in menstrual periods and others.


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